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AngularJS is an open source JavaScript framework, fundamentally maintained by the engineers at Google. This MVW based front end framework has swiftly gained popularity, and has become the go-to framework for developing Single Page Applications.

We are one of the earlier adopters of AngularJS and have magnificently delivered numerous live applications. If you’re looking for an AngularJS development company, for hiring, your search ends here. AngularJS Development Company creates rich website user interfaces and helps to create a single page web application. Our in house team comprises of expert developers having strong technical skill set while it comes to handling the most innovative projects. Hire AngularJS developers to intensify the user experience.


CronJ is one of the top notch AngularJS Development Company to incorporate AngularJS & AngularJS2 with cutting edge JavaScript technologies. We have successfully completed numerous projects with highly interactive, data-driven & well-structured cross platform mobile and web application using AngularJS. Likewise-

We create fast, flexible & scalable AngularJS Applications – While the Angular framework itself is designed for speed and flexibility, a lot of it depends on the implementation. CronJ’s AngularJS service provider takes special care to ensure that our applications are optimized to the highest standards.

Our AngularJS Apps are designed flawlessly– Our Angular application runs seamlessly on every device and gives the users a lag free experience. CronJ, considering one of the best AngularJS service providers focus on user experience, we ensure that your Angular app is designed to delight.

Well tested AngularJS Applications – CronJ creates unit tests while developing Angular Applications to ensure that the app is as close to being bug free, while covering most of the edge cases.


CronJ team offers highly interactive, and data driven AngularJS Web Applications with supreme quality standards. Our expert developers are much ingenious in developing AngularJS Website and our expertise can do the front end development in fast and reliable way for all kinds of business. Hire AngularJS developer to build rich website user interfaces & create a responsive single page web application using AngularJS. To avail the best AngularJS services, hire AngularJS developer from us today. We are proficient in the following services -

  • Development of web applications

  • Interactive app development

  • Custom app development

  • Portal development

  • Plug-ins development

  • AJAX development

  • E-commerce shopping, cart development

  • Content management tools

  • Consolidated AngularJS development with Angular ionic & Node.js

  • Location apps

  • Music & video streaming apps

  • Social networking platforms

  • Interactive dashboards

  • Real-time interactive maps

  • Social & Interactive apps


Angular 4 is something we would love to talk about. Whenever we built an application and if application is something for end user, we always think about the performance and speed of application. The application stakes less time for initial load, for that we do lot of things like minifying, cache the stuff, etc. Basically to optimize the application they are releasing version so quickly.

So here the multiple reasons to switch to Angular 4-

  • They have changed the view engine. These changes reduce the size of the generated code for your components by around 60% in most cases. The more complex your templates are, the higher the savings. So if you want to deploy the code in production it will reduce the size of a code a lot and it will increase the performance of the application.

  • You don't need to include any extra package for animation. They have included it in own module.

  • Till now you were aware with the "ng-if" condition (If you are aware of AngularJS framework). Initially for the else condition you were supposed to used (ng-if !=)something like that but in Angular 4 you can write else condition also.

  • You can use the Angular-Universal which is basically use server side rendering and better performance.


CronJ as a trusted AngularJS Development Company specialized in building high quality browser based apps, our expert AngularJS developer are conversant with all the features of framework.

Here are the some reasons that make us the best AngularJS Development Company-

  • Agile and dynamic AngularJS development solution

  • Use MonogoDB at the backend with single page web app development.

  • Cross platform mobile app development with ionic

  • Easy to read code

  • Use two way data binding for quick development of real time applications

We are top-notch AngularJS Development Company. Feel free to get in touch with us at business@cronj.com to build rich features, reliable, robust and highly scalable front-end web and mobile application.

We are top-notch AngularJS Development Company. Feel free to get in touch with us to build rich features, reliable, robust and highly scalable front-end web and mobile application.