What to expect From this Blog? This blog covers the theory of elastic search, terminologies, scenarios Blog does not include installation or writing queries, creating indices etc. This blog surely can give the ou better idea of what is elastic search and how it works. What is Elastic Search? Elastic Search is an analytics and […]

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A Higher-Order Component is a function that accepts a Component as an an argument and returns a Component.  It is an advanced technique in React for reusing component logic. HOCs  are a pattern that emerge from React’s compositional nature. Examples of HOCs There are many, but some notable ones: The most common is probably Redux’s connect function. React Router’s withRouter function which simply grabs […]

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  As we know Angular 6 beta version has been released. The angular team comes up with the lot of features.   In Angular 6 modules, they generally focused on  How to reduce the compilation time  How to reduce the code size  Service workers  CDK   Bazel Compiler: Whenever we do the development small changes comes […]

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Chrome Developer Tools are debugging & Web authoring tools built into Google Chrome. The DevTools helps web developers to access the internals of their web application and helps to speed up debugging and optimization. This article gives some tips on how to use Chrome Developer tools. Open Dev Tools Select the Chrome menu  at the […]

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Green environment

In past few years a trend has been established, where plastics are considered a preferred material choice in designing and making complex consumer products, such as automobiles. The reason is plastics posses certain unique characteristics. The increasing use of plastics shifts the environmental burden from the life cycle phase to the treatment phase that is […]

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Reach compliance services

  How is REACH helping us? Our ancestors lived in a world where most human needs, material needs, were met by the natural world through wood, metals, and other resources that were extracted from the natural environment. Today, we live in a very different world, where nearly everything, if you look around yourself, is in […]

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portal in reactjs

What is Portal in react js? Portals in react js provide the way to render children into a DOM node that exists outside the DOM hierarchy of the parent component.   Format ReactDOM.createPortal(child, container)   where the child is the Component which will be rendered at the place of the container which is dom node.   […]

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Code splitting in reactjs

What is code splitting in React js? Code Splitting in react js  simply spilt your bundle generated by Wepack or Browserify into multiple and load them dynamically.   Why splitting is important: We develop react app. Our code imports many third-party libraries. Bundle generated by webpack or Browserify also gets fatter and fatter.  This fat budle.js file […]

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server side rendring

What is Server Side Rendering? Server Side Rendering in Angular is rendering the initial view from server side later on everything will be handled by the Browser. In, this blog we will try to implement SSR in Angularjs. Regular Angular Application A normal Angular application executes in the browser. On User’s demand, It renders pages in the DOM. Initially, […]

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