Ever thought about extracting a moving Object from a CCTV camera feed? Here I am going to explain the readers about Object Extraction from a video/CCTV camera stream. Please note that the camera should be held static in order to extract the object.This is not applicable for a continuously moving camera. We will do this […]

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What is diff algorithm? As evident from its name, the main work of a diff algorithm is to find a heuristic to change anything from a state to another. Let’s say  there is a text A and with the minimal number of steps, it has to be changed to text B. The basic idea is […]

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What is Immutable Data? Simply data that can not be changed is immutable. In the example below, we have data array which contains no of hours one employee worked on some specific project. var hoursWorked = [8, 8, 8, 7, 7, 9, 6, 8, 8, 7]; console.log(hoursWorked); //op: [8, 8, 8, 7, 7, 9, 6, 8, 8, 7] […]

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Humans, throughout the history, have shown a tendency to evolve and come up with solutions to the problems they face, using whatever resources they have. This can be seen right from the stone age to the present times. The use of stone implements for hunting, the discovery of fire and even the invention of wheel, […]

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It is Obvious that in our application we need to wait for asynchronous tasks to complete. we generally handle these asynchronous tasks by using Promises or Observables. The advantage of  asynchronous tasks is that we can execute multiple tasks in background and continue functioning. But, If you misuse them then it will effect the performance […]

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design patterns

  What is Design Patterns? In simple words, design patterns are just a way of coding. There are several templates of coding and we name the group as design patterns and each pattern again have a specific name. There are 3 types of design patterns Creational Design Pattern Structural Design Pattern Behavioural Design Pattern   […]

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server side rendering

What is  Server Side Rendering? Server Side Rendering means rendering the initial view from server side later on everything will be done by the client side. In, this blog we will try to implement SSR in React js and does not include redux implementation as well. The advantage of SSR over CSR?   Improved Initial Rendering Time CSR:  Generally […]

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Firstly let us define what is Prototype? Prototype is the base/model on which something is built/referred.   Say for example : This fighter plane is based on that Prototype/model   Secondly let us define what Prototype means in “Object Oriented Terms”? Object Oriented Programming languages like C#, Java etc it is nothing but Inheritance.   […]

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  Closure is the heart of  functional programming world. Yes now C++, Java , Ruby, Python etc all have closure concept which we can say are actually inspired by Javascript! . Now let us see How this Javascript got closure concept? Brenden Eich the designer of Javascript actually wanted to use Scheme Programming language in […]

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