1. Which utility is used to track angular watches/digest cycles and what is the good maximum number of watches/digest cycles should be used on a page to improve performance?

  1. ng-status, 1000
  2. ng-stats, 1000
  3. ng-status, 2000
  4. ng-stats, 2000]
  5. ng-status, 5000
  6. ng-stats, 5000

Ans: d

2. Where singleton pattern is used in angularjs?

  1. directive
  2. service
  3. dependency injection
  4. a&b
  5. b&c
  6. a&b&c

Ans: e

3. What are different possible ways to initialize angular app?

  1. ng-app
  2. ng:app
  3. x-ng-app
  4. a&b
  5. a&c
  6. a&b&c

Ans: f

4. Which one of the following apis to be invoked on rootScope service to get the child scopes?

  1. child
  2. $child
  3. new
  4. $new
  5. All above
  6. none

Ans: d

4. What are true about provider?

  1. provider is used by AngularJS internally to create services, factory etc.
  2. provider is a special factory method
  3. provider is used during config phase
  4. a&b
  5. a&c
  6. a&b&c
  7. b&c

Ans: f

5. Which of the followings can’t be injected as a dependency in Angularjs?

  1. constant
  2. value
  3. factory
  4. application module
  5. a&b&c
  6. None

Ans: d

6. Which of the following statement is true?

  1. Lowercase service converts a text to lower case text.
  2. Lowercase filter is a function which takes text as input.
  3. Lowercase filter converts a text to lower case text.
  4. Above all
  5. None of the above.

Ans: c

6. What is deep linking in Angular js?

  1. refers to linking various views to a central page
  2. allows to encode the state of application in the URL
  3. SEO based technique
  4. a&b
  5. b&c
  6. a&c

Ans: b

7. When a scope is terminated how many destroy events will be fired?

  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 3
  4. 4
  5. 5

Ans: 2

7. What are the ways to improve Angular js app?

  1. use bind once when possible
  2. use $watch instead of $watchCollection
  3. debounce ng-model
  4. a&b
  5. b&c
  6. a&c

Ans: f

  1. These are good theoretical questions to practice, but in most interviews you’ll also need to code something practical, like a solution to a problem or fix a bug or something like that. Which is why I’d recommend also practicing some practical Angular interview questions: [link removed]
    That way you’ll prepare in a more complete way and be ready for anything.

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