AngularJS version 1.3 is considered by most web developers to be the best version of Angular. Currently, it has some truly amazing features but there is a huge amount of anticipation for the release of AngularJS 2.0, expecting some time next year.AngularJs

At the ng-Europe conference in Paris on October 27th, 2014, Angular developers confirmed that they have already started working on it promising huge improvements and a host of new functionality. They boast that this is not a simple update, but rather a complete rewrite.

A mobile first approach to AngularJS 2.0

The team expressed that they would be focusing most of their efforts to get the mobile aspects right and then begin working up to desktops. It seems that AngularJs 2 framework is being designed and developed mainly for mobile application. While AngularJS is also used for desktop application, that will no longer be its primary purpose or motivation.

The future of mobile application development is coming and it will have much better features like:


  • Designed for targeting modern browsers.
  • Designed for speed. There is no doubt that Angular is fast, but AngularJS is going to be even faster.
  • Designed to be more modular. Every piece (functionality) of AngularJS should be optional (the module will not be included in the core AngularJS 2.0 code. )
  • AngularJs 2 code is going to be written in ECMAScript 6.
  • Increasing the capability of current features such as:
    • Dependency Injection in Agular is a bit complex, AngularJS 2 will have less complex dependency injection.
    • AngularJs 2 will simplify the directive API(implement)
    • Touch Animation functionality for mobile applications similar to Android will be added.
    • AngularJS 2 will handle more complex routing design like state-based routing,
      integrate authorization and authentication technic with a router.
    • Improve local persistence data into the browser, so that the mobile application can be used in offline mode.

Web Developers are anxious to get to work with the new AngulaJS 2.0 framework, it will be released sometime this year, so all we can do for now is wait patiently until the release date arrives. Check back then for my complete review.

Surely it will bring something special for mobile and I believe this will increase traffic and create a new marketing funnel for business. The future of mobile is coming and CronJ is excited to be an active part of that. I for one, simply cannot wait to take it out for a test drive.

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