AngularJS and Node.js for better software experience

It’s difficult to choose a technology from a pool of languages as it is like a new framework or programming language launches every month. If you are in a critical position to start a web software/applications to become a leader in the industry, then start paying attention to AngularJS and Node.js. The way it rises show that these technologies will rule the enterprise software development at least for some decades. A recent survey shows that fortune 500 companies are looking for developers that have experience with Node.js, AngularJS, and related JS technologies. In the evolving stage, JavaScript frameworks clubbed together and named as MEAN stack. MongoDB is the database engine, Node.js is the web server and server-side API, ExpressJS is the routing engine, and AngularJS is the JavaScript UI framework. There are so many libraries and other frameworks added into JavaScript and became very popular now. Literally, there is only one language for the entire stack – JavaScript.

AngularJS is maintained by Google and stands first position comparing to its nearest competitors, in turn, loosing competitor’s market share.


The AngularJS community is not only large but also highly engaged. Being the lead role in the list as AngularJS 1, the team has also released new stable version Angular 2.0 recently and tech geeks are discussing exclusively. If you’re thinking about new software, go with AngularJS 2.0 with a reputed AngularJS development company. The list of big brands already adopted it and also continuous to expand. The advantages of using AngularJS 2.0 is explained in our another article, To summarize, major facts about AngularJS are following.

AngularJS allows building complex single page applications (SPA), a new breed that gives sophisticated user experience. The entire page doesn’t reload when you click on links and buttons. The fluid user experience is enabled by AngularJS and luckily lot of features are poured to make user’s experience easier. Second, the open source license allows to reuse within the proprietary software and GPL-compatible developers have a lot of freedom to play around with the code. This makes AngularJS more business-friendly.

AngularJS was born when developers realised that the development process could be improved if developers add logic after designers place UI elements on a page. The componentization of design and development processes is incredibly useful and popular. An extension to AngularJS, the ionic framework allows developers to write mobile coding for iOS & Android without changing the UI/UX for each platform.  AngularJS browser based applications act more like native apps. This is a trend worth betting on.

On the other side, Node.js powered the whole new concept of server-side JavaScript. The software industry has witnessed acquisitions of several Node.js pioneers, say strongloop by IBM, Modulus by Progress software and Feedhenry by Redhat.

AngularJS and Node.js for better software experience

Node.js is growing quickly with exceptional adoption. In past 5 years, more than 0.2 million Node.js modules have been already added by developers. The community around to Node.js has seen strong growth in the recent years. The Node.js community has greatly benefited from having the npmjs tool provides the central repository of all shared modules, which helps in a flexible and lightweight workflow.

Node.js is particularly suited for enterprises that have web-facing infrastructures with realtime features to be shown on the go. Mostly every application needs to have some way to respond to request quickly meet business software requirement. Node.js is one of the technology tools to get this done, saying quick-action teams building systems of engagement easily with the frontend technology. Node.js development turnaround is also very minimum compared to other technologies. Integrations happen in minutes. Approaching good Node.js development company for your software development would be the ideal way to make the process easier.

Comparison of Node.js with other leading technologies is available in our other article which is available at Considering all the factors such as lightweight approach and solving IT problems easily, developers are motivated to use Node.js as their backend technology.

Still confused to choose?

AngularJS and Node.js for better software experience

It is confusing to choose the best technology for developing an application to be used in any industry. But, experts made a clear point that there are some factors to be considered while choosing a technology. One is the user experience and functionality performance. It is worth putting effort to understand the advantages of Node.js. (Ref link:

Combining AngularJS with Node.js enable these factors and giving an excellent experience for every user. This will not only lead to increasing the efficiency and productivity but also improve the global competitiveness. I don’t say that Node.js will replace all other languages. But it will definitely As everyone knows, Node.js is not going to replace other languages. But it will definitely take its place as one of the tools for enterprise software development and will be in the first place for atleast some decades. The perfect penetration of Node.js development is early promise for Internet of Things implementations and of course for web-based and mobile application development.

Why AngularJS is recommended for a Node.js application is basically it is easy for rendering on the server side as you just need to expose APIs that send JSON responses to the client. Sending JSON from the server can save bandwidth and thus improve the speed of applications. This is because you don’t send layout markup with each request rather you just send plain JSON which is then rendered on the client side. It is now the time for enterprises or startups to set-out clear long-term strategy on technology which empowers users to invest time and energy to use the system.

  1. Hi Buddy,

    I am working as node.js and angularjs developer and i want to use multi threading in server side along with node.js.
    So Can you suggest me what can i do to use multi threading.

    • Hi Dev,

      We can use cluster module to make use of all the CPUs in a machine. Hope this helps. Let us know if you have any questions related to JS technologies..

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