For Small easy project : Freelancer will give you more cost effective way to do the job. But there is problem with selecting Freelancer. If wrong freelancer has been selected then you will not get timely work (as most of freelancer does job and work on part-time), on daily basis they will give you different excuses. Freelancer doesn’t bother about reputation so they don’t mind leave the project in half, whereas major concerns are with quality and performance. So end of the day your efforts become costly and without knowing delivery date. Here CronJ comes with hourly based rates for the smaller work and we value your time & effort.

For Larger/Complex project: We recommend to go with a company. The main advantage of choosing CronJ is our dedicated developers work full-time on your project and having knowledge sharing expertise in internal resources. We always look forward for a long term relation and complete work on time. No compromise in the quality which assures the trustworthy and long term partner mutually.

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On first view specially looking at price: Companies look like expensive but while comparing result they are cheap and provide you qualitative work. Here we bring our flexible engagement models so that we can assist you and make your custom application development a success. In short, CronJ is the best fit for for you than a Freelancer and for small to large enterprise application development. Cheers!

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