First of all, what is UI Design? Who is a UI Designer? What role does he play in web Designing? UI is ‘User Interface’, the person who designs the user interface is called UI Designer, a UI designer assists in creating the looks of a web application. The answer’s to the questions are as simple as that. But there is more to User Interface designing than just an illustration in a single sentence. 


Finding the best UI Designer for web applications is like finding a needle in a haystack. So before making any bad choices, you need to delve into the mind of UI Designers to understand them and their work. So let’s get on with it

What is User Interface?

User Interface (UI) is a vast and vague term in the field of designing. It isn’t just throwing colors and tables and stylish fonts on a website to make it look stylish and colorful, like an artist throwing colors on a canvas without any thought or an idea.

What is UI Design

There is more to rendering a website compelling or appealing. Let’s just ponder, what makes a website compelling? A Solution to this question can be framed by understanding the diverse aspects of User Interface Design. 


Presently, UI and UX design play a crucial role in gaining recognition in the competitive market.


Gaining recognition and standing apart from others in the competitive market is the prime interest of every industry or sector. It is believed that the brand’s personality is portrayed through the Design, hence, Users find a brand amusing through the visual display of a brand’s personality i.e. through their experience with the Brand’s web application or mobile application.


Every individual has his own perceptions and expectations, which is a unique quality of human beings. It is very difficult to fulfill every individual expectation. The only common quality in all individuals is their need for a seamless and aesthetically-pleasing experience.


A UI designer assists in providing this experience to the end-users, by blending one’s probing and creative talent to discern the expectations and requirements of the user and fulfilling those.


So, how to find the best UI designer for web applications to assist you in your triumph? 


Before getting to this, let’s learn about the qualities of a UI Designer that makes him/her acclaimed in the field of design. These qualities should be considered before hiring a UI Designer.


Qualities of a Good User Interface Designer : –

We all know who are UI designers, but what makes them good at their work. Do they use vibrant colors to capture one’s attention or do they use various animation or designing tools to create an interactive website?


These are all the technical qualities of a designer, what makes them good is their visceral qualities. These qualities can neither be learned in an institution nor a 30 days course. Such qualities are inscribed in a person’s character as he/she grows. 

Qualities of a good UI Designer


Passionate & Motivated

A good UI Designer has the drive to create unique ideas and implement them. They are also passionate about facing challenges and conquering obstacles. They uniquely concentrate on challenges and vanquish those challenges. They are highly motivated in conquering their tasks and achieving their goals.


A Good Eye for Design

Artists are considered smart and creative because they have a keen eye for detail i.e. they communicate viscerally through every detail in their work. The same way a UI Designer is equipped with two good eyes for creativity, to accomplish the mission of aesthetically-pleasing both the client and the user by inventing unique ideas and implementing those in the process of designing.



It’s not possible to discern one’s expectations or requirements without stepping into their shoes. One of the most significant qualities of a UI Designer is Empathy. It helps in understanding the user and the client. This way the designer can render a website smooth and aesthetically-pleasing. 


Creativity and optimism

Every designer encourages ideas, new and creative ideas, that can impact the users positively.


Creativity is considered as a common quality in all artists and designers because new, fresh, and creative ideas can bewitch users. An Invisible pull towards new and creative things is a special quality of life.


Optimism is the most desired quality in a designer, an optimistic designer is highly confident and extremely positive.


These are some of the good qualities the designers should be examined for, before welcoming them on-board for your project. 


We learned about the qualities of a good UI designer. Now, Let’s see what would a creation from the hands of such a good designer portray? What qualities would such creation illuminate?


Qualities of a compelling UI Design: –

The User interface is metaphorically the face of a website that portrays the brand’s personality. Several characteristics make a good UI design a compelling one. Some of which are mentioned below.

Qualities of a good UI Design



The prime purpose of the User Interface is to enable the user to interact with the website or application by communicating meaning and function. If the website or application is too complex to interact with, then the user would be consumed by the dark void of doubt. A Good Design often gets it right by providing a simpler and clearer interface.

Best UI Designer for web applications


Attractive & Creative

This is the most important quality of a website because, the fabric of the tuxedo matters.


 A Good UI Design grabs the attention of the user as soon as the landing page is displayed, with eye-catching colors, lovely split screens, beautiful contrasts, and simple but effective typography. Blending of the beautifying elements i.e. the colors, the layout, the typography, and many new trends is an art, perfected by only some of the acclaimed websites. 

Best UI Designer for web applications

Recent trends in UI Design have helped many businesses garner wide recognition, some of the new trends include Digital Illustrations, interactive layers, split screens, etc.


These are some of the elements to be burnished in the design to forge an understanding with the users. 



This is the finest quality of a Good UI Design. A good user interface will guide the users and assist them in achieving their goals. A Responsive user interface is kind of a mountain guide to the users. It isn’t just about guiding a user but also the loading time of the landing page and the content that defines a responsive website.

Best ui designer for web applications

The guiding and seamless aspects should be considered more significant in rendering a website responsive.



A consistent interface enables users to develop usage patterns i.e. the users will remember the looks and the purpose of different buttons, icons, and the other interface elements. They will learn how certain things work and will be able to work out how to handle new features quickly.

best ui designer for web applications

Multiple impressions could be possible for a consistent website i.e. When several websites are offering the same service the users will prefer the one with a consistent interface.


Now, after understanding the qualities of a good UI designer and the qualities of a compelling website, the next step is to hire a UI Designer. Bravo! 


No, wait who is a UI UX freelancer? what’s the difference between a Freelancer and a UI UX designing agency? And why should I hire the best UI Designers for web applications from UI UX Designing agency rather than UI UX Freelancers? This is the most difficult conundrum in the process of hiring a UI designer. Let’s see the difference between a freelancer and a UI UX designing agency.


UI UX Designing Agency vs UI UX Freelancer 

A UI UX Designing agency is a company that offers a wide range of designing services. They assign their teams each a single project at a time. 

Freelancer vs Designing agency

A UI UX Freelancer is a self-employed individual who is not necessarily committed to a particular employer long-term. They have the freedom to choose their projects and work on multiple projects at the same time.


Why Should you hire, Best UI Designers for Web applications from Designing Agencies rather than hiring a UI Freelancer?

Consistent quality

UI UX Designers of Designing agency are dedicated individuals who work synchronously to achieve the same goal, they come up with various modish ideas and thoughts to enhance the quality of the design, they are a collaboration of effective and efficient people who are masters in rendering a Design (website) that can fulfill the expectations of the end-users.


best ui designer for web applications


Freelancers are not reliable for UI UX Designing because they are less committed to your brand even though they are damn serious about their job and responsibility. Even if you manage to maintain a good relationship with your freelancer the average duration of work will be one or two months. And there is no guarantee for quality assurance. 


Security and confidentiality

Business is all about security and when you hire a reputed UI UX Designing Agency, all your information is secured by a third party that takes full responsibility for the data. Confidentiality of the client and the project won’t get compromised, this is one of the reasons, why you should hire a UI UX designers from an agency so that the work can be done without any inconvenience. UI UX Designing Agencies agree to a confidential agreement and they are bound to follow that in any circumstances. 

Security of the data The security or confidentiality of the client’s data is of No.1 priority

Sharing of security details with a UI UX Freelancer is not the same as sharing information with the UI UX Designing Agency. Disclosing discrete information with someone you don’t now might put the project in a terrible situation, they can use the data to develop a different software or a website. Your Confidentiality is at risk, even though the Non-Disclosure Agreement is a usual practice, you should be alert.   


Knowledge and Trustworthy

Hiring UI UX Designers from the Agency will be more advantageous to you because the time you spend on sharing your knowledge about the project won’t be wasted. You can guide the designers to work according to your preference.

best ui designer for web applications

Dedicated designers would be a resource to you because they cling to the knowledge about your workflow. And most importantly agencies are reliable.


While hiring a UI UX Freelancer can be a headache because you cannot trust anyone, a freelancer can deceive you by presenting fake projects and knowledge, there can be possibilities that they can convince you into believing them based on their previous works but if they cannot handle your projects then there is this pile of mess between you and your goal.


Another drawback of hiring a UI UX Freelancer is that when the contract with him/her ends, the time you invested in searching, evaluating, interviewing and onboarding, which is all a part of a tremendous process, is wasted.



You can expect commitment and quality both from UI UX Designers provided by the agency because the agency is serious about its reputation, which assists in the growth of the business, and the designers are highly dedicated to their job because everyone has got to prove something. For example, the testing team tests the product several times to come up with the best quality website as per your preferences. 

best ui designer for web applications


Expecting commitment from a UI UX Freelancer can lead you to disappointment because it’s like expecting commitment from a random person who does not care much about your brand, Agency, and product. Freelancers are dedicated to their job but as they handle multiple projects at the same time, they might not concentrate entirely on providing you the best quality.


Most importantly there are no testing teams associated with a freelancer, the testing process is crucial in both the UX design process and UI design process, this is a huge drawback in hiring a freelancer.


Legal issues

When you hire a UI UX Designer from an agency an agreement is prepared, and you can put all your conditions with mutual concern. Sometimes you may hire a UI UX Designing agency from a different country, hence it is beneficial for you to have proper knowledge of legal concern of the other country before hiring them so later you will not be cheated.


Legal issues that can arise

Drafting a contract with a freelancer professionally would cost high, this the reason why many clients avoid drafting a contract, which is a huge mistake because the freelancer may cheat you and no legal action can be taken since no agreement is active. The legal issue is the main reason that you should not hire a UI UX freelancer.


These are some of the reasons to hire a UI UX Designing Agency instead of a freelancer for your project. Now, you know that hiring a Designing agency is the best choice. So the next step is to find the best UI designing agency for your web application, How to do it?


Well, now it is the decision you make, that outlines your success. 

  • Find some reputed UI designing agencies and delve into their previous projects or works, and most importantly find out whether they are relevant for your project.
  • In-depth research should be done from your side to choose the best.
  • Examine them for the qualities and skills that are required.



Best ui designer for web applcations

Now Lets put the puzzles together

Hiring the best UI Designer for web application is an exhausting process, difficult choices or decisions should be made. like the saying goes…

‘Success is an expected destination, reached by taking several unexpected choices or decisions’

The writing remains anonymous, an unexpected choice the writer took. It is up to you now, in hiring, a good UI Designer. Good luck! 


         Looking for the Best UI Designer for Web Applications!