January 26th, Republic Day of India, for CronJ it started a day prior, our office HRs planned numerous exciting events to hunt down some recreation at our workplace. The cubicles which were undecorated the previous day were more colorful than ever and that gave us the feel of patriotism, our workplace was beaming with colors and representing the colorful India. Our team is always equipped with a variety of choices, we are never afraid to incorporate these activities in the office. Not only we enjoy it and benefit greatly, but so do our colleagues and employees. Celebration was in full force, with many employees dressing up and participating in festive activities!

All our team members heartily participated in the Republic Day celebrations by dressing up in the national tri-colors — which are deep saffron, white, and dark green — and also painting their faces and hands with the national flag. Prem, another cool developer from our team, describes his day as having a “great feeling of Patriotism and I had fun coloring the tri-color on my friends and colleagues.”


For our employees, Republic Day is a spirited and fun holiday, but it also evokes a strong sense of pride and patriotism. Kiran, added celebrating “Indian Republican Day makes me proud of being an Indian. Dressing up in tri-color represents my great country”. She probably believes change is the only constant.

Now, if we live by the same old ways – which we typically don’t do – ‘freedom’ or ‘no freedom’ doesn’t make a difference.
It makes a difference if we explore a few new ways, and define our own constitution to live right, with the new ways that we are getting exposed to.

So, every year, 26th Jan, expects an individual to self-answer – 

  • Do you know how to live free?
  • Do you have most up-to-date and thoughtful constitution about your own life?

If no, please pause and define one. And if yes, come celebrate.

We at CronJ Team celebrate Republic Day with above thoughts in the back of our mind.

So, we have the spirit of pleasant in our workplace, we also have a collation of entertaining and fun things. We usually do to put a smile on your colleagues’ faces - thus, there is a boost in productivity. Lastly and most essentially, office festivals are an admirable way to implement team spirit and act as ice breakers when new people are tangled. Let’s keep the spirit of pleasant workplaces everywhere. Yes, we all felt united as one Continuum family.

Again, wishing all the readers a very happy Republic Day…

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