eLitmus consultancy is an establishment that conducts placement assessment as a third party and offers assorted opportunities to fresher’s and get them recruited by providing growth and diversity. They organize recruitment drives throughout at all metropolitan cities in India, several times a month. Being the first-of-its-kind service in the world, eLitmus is said to be ‘’the finest platform to get employed, candidates with CS/IT experience are given an initial preference.”


On 29th and 30th of July, CronJ chose eLitmus platform to shape many new careers. Candidates were initially asked to write a program based on the used cases given to them. Once they are qualified for the 2nd round, they went through a technical interview with our in-house developers. Finally, we could get 15 candidates for the HR round where the topic for discussion was about financials, salary and other formalities. The phenomenal review on Glassdoor proved that the activity was immensely successful. Since, strict guidelines are followed and the acceptance ratio is 1%, we always try to get the best. This helps us to grow as a team and work efficiently on our projects while encouraging the candidate to be a great asset in the long run.


CronJ recruited some of the finest applicants based upon our requirement and the candidates were placed on their technical skills. They were not only judged on the basis of tech or soft skills, but also for hard work, patience, learning-ability, team playing strength and on the basis of their attitude towards the organization. Well done, newbies. Let’s work and rock together!

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