Custom made

Do you think that custom software development is the hardest and toughest challenge for any startup organisation? Someone thinks in that way because it is seen that building an application that suits your business requirements and fulfill all the expectations is really difficult. It could be multiple reasons like outdated technology, low performance, delay in delivery etc. To define a custom software development, it is the designing and development of an application which focuses a group of people to address their needs. It could be non-profit or profit seeking applications, typically developed by a team with designers and developers.

Picking a company who can fulfill your expectations is not very easy task. As for all other businesses, it has a tender phase, then pick the company that promises the competitive price and quality of services. The custom software development companies provide an estimate with the detailed breakup of hours required to create a custom software after accessing customer needs. Following which Development Company puts in a specific format which is called as proposal with all available information. Since some projects cannot be estimated accurately, companies put some buffer hours which is okay for both the parties. Quality of work has to be considered most while picking a custom software development company as developers only stay with the company who pay more money and good exposure. Picking a company never come down to money, prefer to evaluate with the quality of work and flexibility on the work timings if you want an offshore team.

Choosing a custom software development company requires some initial analysis and through study about the process. Experience in working on multiple projects make CronJ unique in the software industry. From the business analysis, designing, development to deployment, CronJ provides end to end solutions to our customers.

The main advantage of going with custom software development instead of any off-the-shelf solution as custom software development provides you the flexibility of which off the shelf solution doesn’t support. Building an application which is very specific to the target customers can only be done through custom software development. It increases the productivity as well as the efficiency of the system.

Delivering a broad range of technical expertise in MEAN Stack and other JavaScript tools with uncompromised commitment to the customers, CronJ has become an authoritative option for custom software development and assisting companies for offshore development services, providing AngularJS, Node.js developers etc. Being in IT hub of India, Bangalore, we are able to provide the best resources for our customers. We assure the quality of the services provided, maintenance and quality assurance at the right time.