CronJ considers effective employee relations are based on communication between employer & an employee. Every employee feels well-being when he/she is given a right to speak or share a thought, which we proudly say that CronJ does it to everyone. We recognize every role about their identity, their innovations as well as being part of such a great organization. Strong employee relations are required for higher productivity which in turn high efficiency in the team. Employee relations must be strengthened in an organization and hence we follow certain measures to fulfill ERR.

  • Credible Communication
  • HR Access
  • Recognition for job
  • Welfare
  • Exchange of information

Credible Communication:

We frequently conduct meetings as a part of Communication and interaction among our professionals. Communicating with a colleague, manager or customer to know more about their grievance & concerns are effectively needed to improve employee relations. It will also help keep employees engaged. Communication within the CronJ is raw, real & relevant. Research shows that Incredible Communication improves communication and motivates the team; it also creates a consistent and productive work environment. Our engagement activities make sure that we all make a healthy relation with their fellow workers and help them to ease their project execution.

HR Access:

We have a head count of 34 in our team & feel proud that we are expanding our team size in full pace and 6 more members are joining in next couple of months.

  • Joining & Induction: It is always a moment of glee to welcome a new member to our CronJ family with high hopes & desire. There is no surprise that a new joinee will feel little nervous when they join a team which having new people and place. Here, HR takes the role of handling it by putting more effort to make her/him comfortable with the team & gradually with the organization. Our HR department ensures that new joinee’s workstation is setup prior he joins to the team. In the initial days, there will be induction process happens in which HR gives a brief introductory session of company’s rules & regulation, mission & vision, projects delivered. We used to have a small gathering of all employees where a new employee will introduce themselves with what his/her likes, handful technologies, background, hobbies, interests etc.
  • Employee Benefit: Being in the industry for some years now, we follow the same standards every MNC has. Our employee benefits include medical insurance, Provident Fund, maternity leaves etc.
  • Training & Development: In the month of July we had an Elitmus drive where we selected 6 graduates who are well cultured from very prominent colleges. They joined in the month of August & training has been already started. We have been training them on Node.js, Angular.js, soft skills, client communication etc. We would like to highly appreciate our co-workers of CronJ to spare time in their busy schedule for our new joinees. We are very glad to say that we have been doing this training very magnificently & making bright forthcoming of our newbies.

Recognition for Job:

We ponder more than employee recognition; we look continuously for client recognition. Recognition is not only meant in terms of money or a trophy. It actually adds a lot of value when CronJ gets an appreciation mail or message from the client side. We value the energy & enthusiasm significantly contributed by each team member and also believe in motto “toil & toast togetherness”.

Welfare Activity:

HR believes that welfare activities are happiness, satisfaction, development & also the most important stimulates from their monotonous coding job. Mostly on Fridays we conduct some gaming activities. We are proud of our athletes, singers, dancer, photographers and even foodie enthusiastic in CronJ. We have series of entertaining events like a festival celebration, team dine & wine and much more.  Always feel glad when all so actively participate in welfare bustle. Planning to bring more like health activities, social visit, management programs etc.

Exchange of Information:

We all need professional growth and the best part about CronJ is that we all grow together. All employees at CronJ keep sharing articles, updates, current affairs about booming technologies etc. Once in a week, we keep a session where an employee will share their knowledge on skills they are specialized. By this, we all come to know how to affect knowledge sharing. We also share project pros & cons so each member of a team will get acquainted & learn for next one.

We would like to add many more activities which keep engaging their relation towards an organization. ERR goes majorly strong by above effective measures.  Cheers!

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