Diwali ki Shubhkamnayein/Happy Diwali to one and all! Diwali is all about happiness — and fun! This festival represents the triumph of light over dark, good over evil, and knowledge over ignorance.

As such, the best way to celebrate is to light a candle or oil lamp, called a diya. The Diwali Celebrations at the CronJ office this year were filled with the color of life.

Our enthusiastic guys got down on their knees and poured forth their love for the festival and its cultural icons by creating wonderful Rangoli images. It was full of fun, frolic, food & lots of funny incidents… err… way too many F’s in that sentence… Ignore that!

As the day was special;

subsequently, there was positive flicker of engagement and involvement amongst the colleagues. Players from every bay (workplace) came up with the festive mood and proactively began to decorate the entire office, lightning items, and to keep the spirit of ‘light’ alight in our hearts, they also lined up the number of blazing diyas in the entire office.

Cronj Diwali Festival Celeberation

“I love this festival simply because of all the fun and frolic associated with it . . . I buy new clothes for my near & dear ones and this makes them really happy,” says Santhosh from the HR team. “My happiness lies in their happiness!”

The atmosphere in office was electric and everyone was in a joyous mood. All the new joinees were getting acquainted to the environment and there was lots of leg pulling going around.


The traditions of Diwali, from the diyas to the gorgeous offerings to the fireworks, make it an uncommonly beautiful festival. But it is the beautiful spirit of the celebrations and contagious positive energy that make the holiday truly radiant.

Joseph, our team shutterbug moreover our super cool Business Manager, perhaps sums up Diwali best by insisting that “Diwali spreads the magic of happiness to one and all!”

Everyone enjoyed the day to the core and happily signed off for Diwali celebrations with family members over the weekend. Superb experience, I say!

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