CronJ IT Technologies has reached a milestone this July, celebrating four years of business. Wow, four years!  It’s been an incredible ride. Through the ups & downs and there have been plenty of both. The growth and success of our company is largely dependent on having strong and capable team, such as ourselves, and recognize the contribution we made in helping and maintaining the position we enjoy in the industry. CronJ has been an inspiration to all our team members and we appreciate our selfless service for these many years. The company has grown from the dreams of Co-founders, Monu Kumar & Akash Budhia, to a company with a location in Bangalore following up with several branches in multiple countries. To celebrate, CronJ invited all team members and business partners for a fancy barbeque dinner.


“Team work has bought many laurels to the company, and it’s our squad’s hard work, which has given the company success on several projects,” said one of senior executive while talking about firm’s success.


Time definitely flies fast when things are going good. It has been exactly four years since CronJ stepped into India and laid the foundation stone for its plant. We started development on Node.js and other related JavaScript frameworks when it wasn’t very popular in the software development industry. Seeing the opportunity, founders made their choice and as they have foreseen, CronJ has become one of the leading roles in JavaScript development. We all are honored and humbled that we are stuck as a team to where we belong. Few things in our lives or in the world last that long—the tech startup is all set to celebrate several more years to be it in India or overseas. Most importantly, what are we meant for, we believe in delivering remarkable progress in software applications with quality in service meeting client’s expectations. We certainly trust ourselves, that all of this can be done not just without tough times, but with real generosity of spirit and action.

All’s Well That Ends Well and It is rightly said that dress your best for all the important events, so two of our colleagues were chosen as Mr. & Ms. CronJ as they put on their best attire. Exceptionally they were presented with a beautiful Rose seed Adenium flower that signifies happiness, joy and success. Price for a gluttony too. 🙂


More significantly, we will keep holding our expectation level to high values with great morals on each year of our celebrations. Happy team leads to happy clients which lead to growth in business. We believe in our vision of learning and innovation which go hand in hand. Growth is an erratic forward movement, CronJ keeps on stepping forward each day!

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