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Robert James


Partnering with CronJ was the most important decision I took as a founder of a startup in the Healthcare industry. We were in urgent need of a react native app developer for our app with good experience and immediately available to start. UI/UX was always given the highest priority. As in any tech development life cycle, there were challenges. However, the team was always available, and just a call away, which was very reassuring.

Maria Hernandez

For Our startup needs, CronJ has been an invaluable resource. From CronJ, we hired three developers and each was well-qualified and completed our projects successfully. We're always impressed with the speed by which CronJ can find qualified mobile app developers for our software development company. Their process super easy, we definitely recommend CronJ to hire mobile app developers!

HealthCare Mobile App Development services

Healthcare eCommerce App Development

The eCommerce industry always evolving, changing and moving the business to try different things in order to avoid business failure. In this century, the only things that help you to become a successful business are keeping up with trends and best practices.

Healthcare React Native App Development

React Native combines the best native development parts with React, a best-in-class JavaScript library for user interface building. In your existing Android and iOS projects, you can use React Native for IoS and Android Apps or you can create a whole new app from scratch.

Healthcare Custom Software Development

Custom Software designed to the unique requirements of any organisation or specific user is adapted to applications. In iterative processes, Custom Software can be built to allow for the taking into account of any complexities and possible hidden risks.

About Us

In many industries with over 3 billion people worldwide using smartphones, more than 1,5 billion using tablets as of 2019, the mobile app creation is becoming increasingly critical. On average, users spend 90% of their mobile time in apps and over 700 million applications from different app stores are downloaded. Mobile Apps have a strong potential to create a demand for your product. We help you exploit this potential to reach a larger customer area. With the assistance of advanced technology and the easy use of first mobile technology, we help you broaden your market through the best use of the mobile platform. As a leading mobile application development services provider in India, CronJ helped a wide range of businesses from small to large companies throughout the world.

Medical App Development Company

HIPPA Compliance

Privacy and security are two factors that define HIPPA (health insurance portability and accountability act) it divided into three-part physical, technical and administrative. HIPPA compliance adds various coats of complications. Hire experienced mobile app developer for your HIPPA compliance CronJ build a mobile app that falls with the scope for HIPPA.

EMR / EHR - Medical Records of patients

CronJ build preferable healthcare application for HCP (healthcare professional) so that they can connect with their patient effectively and serve better care. With the adroit EMR mobile app and EHR mobile app, we can provide entail patient care and clinical efficiency. CronJ build EMR & EHR mobile app for advance health care through a portable medium.

Data Security and Encryption

To manage security flaws such as patient personal information and other crucial details can be managed through encryption mobile application through which it can be firmly controlled with other concerns of procedural protection which pillars compliance reporting function. The aim of the app is to reveal and can be edited the valid information.

Medical workflow automation

Medical Workflow automation is the success key for healthcare organization it simplifies the process and makes it more convenient through healthcare mobile app its become patient admission and discharge process easy, booking an appointment, video call appointment it helps in saving precious time.

Payment Systems

We can develop a payment app system so the transaction process can be made easy from both ways patient should not have to worry about cash the transaction can be done through bank to bank and traditional paper billing method causes hindrance which highly claims to denial ratio

Integration with Medical Devices

Integration of Healthcare Mobile app, medical devices, and EHR would provide an electronic flow of clinical and patient information that enables interoperability between healthcare application and medical devices. It clinches that correct data is presented in the correct format in real-time to enhance health outcomes.

Important Features Of Health Care Application


There are different types of mobile healthcare apps, so the cost depends entirely on the type of mobile app, its sophistication, number of features, compatibility with other smart devices and network. Well, these are the most decisive factors in creating a mobile app for healthcare. The biggest factor affecting a healthcare app’s development costs is convergence of apps.


  • Authorization

The first thing we need is the ability to identify a user and differentiate one client from another, not just for our medical app, but for most mobile apps. Creating a form with a minimum set of fields such as Username and Password is appropriate in the course of medical app development. For sending out email updates, password recovery, and some other trifle requires, you can also insert an email.


  • Dashboard

In the process of developing a healthcare app, you need to think about what a consumer would see after signing during. It’s logical to assume that it should be some form of a dashboard with some important indicators that can be reviewed, some important events or updates, maybe some notes about the last operation or something like that.


  • User’s Profile


The next element is the profile of the client. It is the portion of the app that shows and can be edited the most important information. The full name of the patient, blood group, resistance to certain drugs, last doctor’s visit and all this will be kept here. It is possible to add several more areas, such as indices of blood pressure, but they are not of great importance. Users are unlikely to review this information on a regular basis, so we do not recommend you to add unnecessary functionality to your mobile app.


  • Booking section


The category that should be included is to book a doctor’s appointment.

Here should be listed the following things:


  1. Booking appointment with the doctor.
  2. Doing Video call with a specialist.


Every feature has its target market, which is why we have included many forms of functionality. For example, a private clinic may need to build a schedule of doctors working in it or make the patients online appointment possible. Here we would not explain it, how simple it is, and what advantages it has. We will only note that the possibilities of showing the full profile of the professional can be added here with his image and detailed information about him and his experience.


  • Video Calls

Let’s take a look at the chance to talk to doctors via video calls. As normal, we could build something from scratch or use the ready-made solutions in our production of healthcare applications.


Here we should remember that each award has its opposite. We will consider a solution that suits our needs, and, on the other, a solution that involves developers, resources, databases, tests and a lot of headaches.


As an experienced clinical designer of mobile apps, CronJ recommend companies that deal with these features long ago to use existing solutions.


  • Notifications


Don’t worry, there’s not a lot left. Recall that you listed updates to us? Therefore, it is not a bad idea to remind the client of his doctor appointment. In the case of video calls, it is particularly important.


  • Payment Systems


Let us talk of payment systems as transactions will be made with your help. Any company should bring benefits. Today, there are many financial options. We collaborated with large systems like Braintree, Stripe and others.


How does CronJ address the difficulties in developing a Healtcare Application?

CronJ is a pioneer in USA in creating Healthcare Apps with HIPAA compliance and any other legal complications involved will be completely taken care of.

Our Designers and Developers inherently possess the knowledge with years of experience to solve Healthcare app problems.

What are the features that CronJ will provide / educate me in developing my healthcare app?

  • Payment Gateways Intergration
  • API integrations
  • Doctors booking
  • Online Video/voice/audio consultation
  • Healthcare Ecommerce

This list of features goes on according to the app that you are looking to develop.

What is the Time and Cost to make a Healthcare application?

CronJ provides flexible business model where you can choose to hire developers on hourly/monthly basis or handover the entire project to our experts end to end.

Depending on the number of developers and features of the application getting built the time and cost varies.

Is it necessary to have Mobile as well as Web app for Healthcare application?

We recommend going for both as long as it  solves your purpose.

CronJ specializes in  creating  React + React Native + Node based apps that you can use for Mobile/Web both.

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