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Our passionate group of designers along with every client we work, together face the challenges and toast victories. As we are changing and evolving in a profound way, our team comes up with full of grandiose ideas. Hire top Creative UI UX Designers in California.

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UX design services remain is one of the key services rendered by CronJ technologies. We are uniquely centered on UX, we gallantly grab complicated difficulties with suspicion and empathy. CronJ is one of the prime UX design companies in California with specialized in web and mobile apps. Hire UX designer in California which has a neoteric approach, firstly we probe your industry than design according to your entail. We perceive our client and their desire from mobile and web apps. In this way, we are able to evolve vital goals for a single assignment.

Often mostly UI UX design studio focal points on what is trending apart from detecting the actual requirement of the customer. CronJ is poles apart nonetheless on which industry you’re in we collar you at every footstep to develop a finer and accessible application that conveys legitimate value for your eventual users. We will be a creator for your inventive, engaging design that offers both style and substance. Hire UX designer in California for effective and efficient results.


web design

web design is the tricky art of creating a website. From how the website looks to how it works it depends on web design.


product design

The mixture of art, science, and technology help product designers to create the finest product.



Digital illustration bought a new horizon to the digital type of art. It’s the best way to strengthen the optimistic user experience of UI/UX design.

Hire UI UX Designers

UI stands for “User Interface”. UI is a broad and vague term of design. UI is a combination of transition, screen layout, interface animation, visual element, and content. Basically, it is a graphical layout of an app. It takes a good eye and a ton of hard work, our goal is to craft an interface that is engaging, alluring and also build an emotional response from the user to make your product more valuable and stunning. Hire UI designer in California for developing a global set of inventive guidelines that set forth the color bunk, visual animation, fonts, layout, design patterns, structure, and other technical and creative considerations for your project. By working from this master document, we can ensure that all the UI work we put forward is consonant, spontaneous, operative, and remits a powerful result on your investment through enhanced usability. 

An application’s user interface (UI) plays a crucial role in the overall experience it offers its users. Hire UI designers from proficient companies to know that the correlation between UI and UX is interrelated one under which both form and function act unitedly to produce a unified, seamless existence. At CronJ UI design studio, we deliver you full services at one roof for today’s most stipulated clients.

As CronJ we strive to UX/UI design to cogitate your users first. There is no specification on the industry we deal with so we approach every project in a fresh way. We don’t work on the basis of the past guideline, we work on the basis of what actual requirement for business. Hire UI UX designer in California who alters themself and capable enough to serve any industry or sector.

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In designing digital product UI UX plays a significant role and nowadays UI UX design has been attaining a lot of prominence. Developing products creatively which users love and keeping pace with the latest trend. Hire UI UX designer in California for getting the best UI UX design.

Hire Experienced UI UX

Hire UI UX designers who will be passionate to conquer any task nowadays customer is coddle with an excellent user experience provided by the top business leader and they expect the same from each digital product they interact with. Having a spontaneous UI UX has become a necessity for all types of businesses nowadays. Whether you need UI UX for e-commerce, hotel website, hospital website or any further industry you should boost up your UI UX and make it a priority. User experience and User interface are the two most powerful tools for your business if you know how to use that you can realize a lot of concrete changes in your business such as engagement of customers, simplified navigation, brand popularity, brand recognition, increase in sales and many more. To achieve such quality you have to hire UI UX designers in California.

Research & Analyzing

Research and analysis is based on numerous factors which are considered before executing UI UX design. To attain target driven output online survey, audience analysis, requirement gathering a lot more plays a vital role.

Experience & Interaction

Our designer works smartly and creatively and suggests constant ideas for improvements that can be done for better interaction and user experience. Our client feedback and satisfaction is crucial for us and we work until our client is not convinced.

Extensive Testing & Analyzing

The best product depends on testing and analyzing. We collect UI UX user data and feedback to make improvements and do testing and analyzing as many times as needed.

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Cronj provides the best application services. We design and develop worldclass applications. Have a look at our application portfolios.

Hire UX Designers.


We analyze your business in a profound way we understand your vision and business requirements. We try to interact with your user, run a survey and do user research activities and we also analyze your competitor’s strategies to know common UI UX patterns and create your UI UX design unique and eye-catching.

UI UX Design

We, at CronJ design exclusive UI UX that distinguishes your application from your combatant. During this process, we create new design concepts and great innovations that build a product’s or service’s user interface & user experience in an enhanced manner.

Graphic design

We craft graphic stimuli through designing by creating a relevant aspect and texture of your services and products. We implement graphic principles, graphic ergonomics, color scheme and add graphic design components, thereby sustaining the stability of the graphic.


Wireframing is a way to design a website service at the information architectural level. UX wireframe is usually used to functionality and craft content on a page that gets into reckoning user needs and user journeys. Wireframes are used pathfinder in the development method to generate the basic edifice of a page before graphic design and content is added.


The UI UX prototyping is a transparent image of graphics and elements that are to be used. Prototypes are an amalgam of mockup or wireframes and sketches, prototypes bank on the project timelines and these are a replica of the design.


Once the design is finalized we go ahead with the development process after your confirmation. We use each ux graphics component utilized in the prototype development of the original website. All the components are developed keeping prototype as a booster and we frequently demonstrate the work in progress through our live demo server.

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CronJ is a leading UI UX service provider in California. We are a combination of creativity, innovation, design thinking, user experience, technical mastery and serve you the best UI UX application services. We understand your business as well as your customer and believe everything that hits the final user is a chunk of a design process. We hire UI UX designers to dig deep to meet our client’s expectations. They put all their effort into creating intuitive, friendly and expandable UI UX. We are not particular about any specific industry we believe every industry has its own uniqueness and we serve them according to their taste and preference we love to deal with each type of industry whether it is – UI UX design for the entertainment agency, UI UX design for the sports agency, UI UX design for IT companies and much more industry. 

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eCommerce App Development

The eCommerce industry constantly evolving, converting and shifting the business to strive various things so as to avoid business failure. In this century, the simplest matters that assist you to come to be a successful business are keeping up with developments and excellent practices.


React Native App Development

React Native combines the best native development parts with React, a best-in-class JavaScript library for user interface building. In your existing Android and iOS projects, you can use React Native for IoS and Android Apps or you can create a whole new app from scratch.


Custom Software Development

In iterative processes, Custom Software may be built to allow for the taking into account of any complexities and feasible hidden risks. Custom Software designed to the unique necessities of any organization or adaptable to any specific user.

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We have over seven years of experience with top business professionals.

Robert James


Partnering with CronJ was the most important decision I took as a founder of a startup in the Healthcare industry. We were in urgent need of a react native app developer for our app with good experience and immediately available to start. UI/UX was always given the highest priority. As in any tech development life cycle, there were challenges. However, the team was always available, and just a call away, which was very reassuring.

Maria Hernandez

For Our startup needs, CronJ has been an invaluable resource. From CronJ, we hired three developers and each was well-qualified and completed our projects successfully. We're always impressed with the speed by which CronJ can find qualified mobile app developers for our software development company. Their process super easy, we definitely recommend CronJ to hire mobile app developers!

How to
Hire UI UX Designer?

A great UI and poor UX leads to something look good but difficult to explain and great UX and poor UI is something that looks terrible but easy to explain. The UI design is frosting on UX cake. Hire UI UX designer who comes up with an amazing design that is not ordinary and clearly lost from the market. You hire a UX designer to understand what exact feature your app or website has and how the entire thing will be mapped out it should be according to the need and want of your target audience they should feel easy to use your app and should not juggle.


To make your app more attractive you need to hire a UI designer who is good with colors and design always keep in mind a good UI can’t make up for bad UX for any website or application. Hire UI UX designer with a strong understanding of the project will help you at the initial stage to identify errors in the application’s architecture. It is so obvious nobody wants a lousy and poor design for their website everybody wants a lucrative design that generates a more user base. Some organization hire UI designer and hire UX designer separately which creates chaos in developing an application as both have to communicate continually for creating template for the same page which leads to time drain but if you hire UI UX designer who has the strong knowledge of both front end framework it can reduce the time lapsed in communication.


UI UX designers can work unanimously and if they have experienced in all three-phase of application development. Today whether it is a computer, mobile, tablet, and laptop everything is supported by a ton of applications so in this tremendously competitive market every company is hiring UI UX designer who creates user experience with an amazing user interface, structured, easy workflow and high responsiveness. Nowadays the company not only hire UI UX designer but for relevant infographics and writer for supportive content creation also demand for  UX UI designer. 


Hiring UI UX Designer?

Some of the key points you have to keep in mind while hiring a UX UI designer.

Good knowledge

A great UX UI designer should have a strong knowledge of what their company does? And no matter whatever medium it is whether it’s a website or application they should know how to portray a message in the most effective efficient and attractive way and they are also able to structure it by applying certain hierarchy.


Hire UX UI designer who is curious about your product, your targeted clients, the business model they should have a deep understanding of the context in which their company is dealing in order to serve the best solution. UX designer UI designers generally work on the product if they don’t drag themselves in-depth and specification of the product then it becomes a big problem.

Sketch file

Sketch file of UX UI designer tell a lot about their attitude if you get a chance to check you can judge them on the basis of how well level and folder are organized, element naming, the spacing between layout elements, text style, and symbols UX UI designer should obsessed about these kind of details. They should have a clear attitude to execute the task in a scalable and rigorous way.


You should hire UX UI designer who is passionate and aware of the latest tools and trend and try to understand their workflow and capability of coordinating with team, focus, and skill, either they are pure UX oriented or go beyond with UI tasks like prioritization and documentation.

Freelancer Vs.
Designing Agency

Why Should You Hire UI UX Designers from UI UX Designing Agency rather than UI UX Freelancers?

Consistent Quality:

If you hire UI UX Designers from UI UX Designing Agency will be dedicated and working synchronously with the aim of the same goal, a bunch of several individuals with various modish ideas and thoughts or we can say a collaboration of effective and efficient people who can drive to creativity, efficiency and innovation. Teamwork can be different when it comes to UI UX. Designing effective and well-organized teamwork is becoming more of a priority for Designing organization. In order for an initiative trend like DevOps and agile Designing to be successful, personnel, Designers, quality assurance and software tester all work together. The UI UX Designing Agency will provide you with the best candidates who assure you consistent quality as they have to ensure the long term business relation. With one month prior notice you can request to remove individual Designers if you do not like his/her work, the provider will do that to secure long term business relations you do not have to compromise with quality.


Freelancers are not reliable for UI UX Designing because they are less committed to your brand or product even though they are damn serious about their job and responsibility. Even if you will manage to maintain great relationships with your freelancer the average duration of work will be 1 or 2 months after contract again the struggle starts with a new freelancer. Although some clients hire a freelancer as they cost comparatively lower than UI UX Designing Agency Designers, but it is an ultimate loss for them after a contract you have to deal with the same freelance guy whether he is able to understand your need or not and if you manage to change another freelancer there is no guarantee that he will satisfy you with his work. And it is a psychological factor that freelancers are their own boss always come between in their time obligation and as well there are no such promises for quality assurance.


Security and confidentiality:

Business is all about security and when you hire a reputed UI UX Designing Agency Designer you are always free for your security part as all your information kept in one place by one-third party which takes full responsibility for that data Agency provides some constancy in technical certainty and make assured that same people are working with your IP as long as manageable. For every UI UX Designing Agency, informational security chances are to keep as low as possible and this can happen when the information is shared by a less third person and with only the trusted one. you cannot trust any random person for your security matters they can misuse it. Confidentiality of you and the project won’t get compromised. This is the reason you should hire UI UX Designers from the Agency so that your work can be done without any inconvenience. Companies agree to a confidential agreement and they are bound to follow that in any circumstances.


When you hire a UI UX freelancer you cannot hire just to complete the project because sharing your security details with someone you don’t know can be a terrible situation for you as well for your project. Thus constantly hiring a new freelancer means sharing your security information consistently which means you are giving a pool to a random person to access your data and sharing your security information with the unknown person can drag you in a serious problem as they can use the details to develop some other software and app. Your confidentiality is at risk, though NDA is a usual practice you should be alert.


Mastery and Efficiency Retention:

Hiring UI UX Designer from the Agency will be more beneficial to you because the time you spend on sharing your knowledge, skill about the project won’t be wasted you can guide the Designer to work according to your preference and for next time you don’t have to put your energy on selecting Designer for your next project. Dedicated Designers would be a resource to you who have been working on your project will cling to the knowledge about your workflow and technology term and convey it to new team members much faster.


While hiring a UI UX freelancer can be a headache to you as you cannot trust anyone for your project, freelancer can bluff you by presenting fake projects and knowledge, there can be possibilities that they convenience you to trust on the basis of previous work they have done but if they can not handle your project which leads to a mess for you as well for him. One of the crunches with a freelancer is once the contract for a few months is over they withdraw all your knowledge and skills and learn exceptional from your project skills take it with them. Basically, when the contract ends the time you invested in searching, hiring, evaluating, interviewing, screening, coaching, and onboarding which is all part of a tremendous process that should be done repeatedly to hire a separate freelancer is simply wasted.



Hiring Designers from the UI UX Designing Agency you can expect your work on time as they will be able to understand your project well and as a team of the profession, they will be able to complete your project as per the given timeline. Company Designers would assign one project at a time so they will be more focused and dedicated toward your project only. While there is a possibility that your freelancer has taken more projects apart from yours and they are focusing more on other projects more than yours this situation can be a mess for your project and can also delay from the given timeline.



You can expect commitment and quality both when you hire UI UX app Designer from a Agency because you can surmise that they are serious about their job and the Agency is serious about its reputation and business relationship for long term growth. The Agency will listen to you and assure you with quality to and make check your product by the tester team as many times as required and will try it best to serve you the perfect product which you are waiting for long. The wait and the money you spend will be worth it after the successful product.


Expecting commitment from a freelancer can lead you to disappointment as expecting commitment from a random person who do not care much about your brand, Agency, and product as such and as a freelancer there no limitation for them there is no testing team who can check your product as many times can tell where they are lacking behind and the psychological factor of being their OWN BOSS always come between their commitment.


Legal Issues:

When you hire UI UX app Designer from a UI UX Designing Agency a proper agreement is prepared you can put all your condition with mutual concern. It is possible that your country may be different and so the rules and policies so it would be beneficial for you to have proper knowledge of legal concern of the other country before hiring a Designer from a UI UX Designing Agency so later you will not be cheated. Definitely, you are more jammed with Agency Designer rather than a freelancer as an Agency does not want their reputation to suffer from any kind of legal issue even if an Agency will be more careful in all legal matters as they also do not want themselves to drag in any legal concern.


Professionally drafting a contract with a freelancer would cost you high and with that reason, many clients avoid doing a contract and later cheated by some freelancer. The legal issue is the biggest concern that you should not hire UI UX freelancer and most of the time many freelancers charge advance payment and after that, they are least interested in the completion of your project and if you do not have any written agreement you cannot take any legal action against them hence you and your work both will suffer.


Technical skills:

There is a huge difference between UI UX Designing Agency and freelancer as a Agency Designer are more updated and know the fine details about the business as they are the part of the corporate culture and being a part of a Agency they are always open to learning new things and being an employee they are more synchronized and dedicated about their work as their career growth depends on work performance so to maintain that they will not be reckless about your work this keep them motivated. Companies also provide training to educate and update their employees about trending technologies and help them to be more productive and efficient in their job. An employer can also assign a task to a particular employee on the basis of their capabilities so they will be more productive about their work.


While the situation for hiring UI UX freelancer would be totally opposite as they are not working under anyone so there is no pressure on them to submit any work report there is no tester team who check the fault and ask them to improve and sometimes they parallelly work on other projects too so there is a risk of disappearing from contract for weeks. And not every freelancer Designer would be concerned about the quality of the product as much you do most of the least interested in winning the trust of their clients, unlike companies who care about their reputation. One of the biggest drawbacks with freelancers are lack of skills, planning, and proper work process which eventually lead to a broken deadline. And once your project is finished, so are they and maintenance, support and bug fixing all come into your headache.


Budget Billing Rate:

When you make a cost comparison between hiring Designers from the Agency it may cost you a little high but it will be worth it because at last quality matters to you. When you find quality in your product the price won’t matter for you the end product should be worth and if you feel like that there should be changes in your product you can demand a Agency Designer and they will surely listen to you as they want their business to run for a long term in the amount which you pay for Agency Designer you get so many benefits like sample product, testing of product, changes after final product while freelancer will not provide you will all this you have to juggle with them at every point.


There is no shortage of freelancers so you can easily find freelance Designers at a much lower rate but there is no guarantee that whatever amount you pay for your work that amount also will be worth it or not. Some freelancers charge hourly and intentionally they increase the time limit also so that they can charge more from you which ultimately cost you the same if you hire a professional Designer from a Agency. And most importantly you cannot trust freelancers and expect a great result with low pay and even if you are paying high also you there is no such assurance for your end product will be worth.


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