HTTP/2 the next generation HTTP will make our applications faster. No need for any workarounds/hacks which we do for HTTP/1.1 to improve performance. HTTP 2 meets all the objectives of SPDY.

This article tries to shed some light on HTTP/2 and compares with HTTP/1.1.

1) How many browsers support HTTP/2:

Screenshot from 2018-01-22 10:30:01

Almost all the major browsers(Chrome,Firefox,Safari,IE11 etc) support HTTP/2.

2) Where to check for HTTP 2 example?

The best website for HTTP/2 is

Screenshot from 2018-01-22 10:38:05

 Here they have shown how the HTTP/2 reduces  the load time  compared to HTTP/1.1

Another example:

Screenshot from 2018-01-22 16:03:56

Screenshot from 2018-01-22 16:01:48

Here images are loaded in parallel, you can see HTTP/2 almost reduces half the time.

React Portal

3) How to know whether your Website or CDNs support HTTP 2?


Screenshot from 2018-01-22 07:25:12

The test is made for where you can see it supports HTTP 2.

4) Still, the major web is on HTTP/1.1 so what is the problem?

a) Websites nowadays are growing and have more Images/Javascript.

Yes for every resource you need to make separate connections in HTTP/1.1. If more files/images are there then load time will be more.

b) Over the Years the bandwidth is improved but not the round trip time.

Yes, still it takes just as long to ping a server now as it did 20 years back.

Test Cases for Node Js + Mocha

5) Some of the hacks you can do to reduce load time in HTTP/1.1:

Look at the below image where you can see how waterfall view shows the requests made.

Screenshot from 2018-01-22 17:36:53

How do you reduce these requests in HTTP/1.1?

a) Sharding your assets across multiple servers so that you can send more than six in parallel.

b) Combining images into sprites.

But for HTTP 2 you can avoid this kind of hacks.

Computer Vision

Cafeteria management system

6) Fundamentals of HTTP 2 are still the same no need to Worry!

a) HTTP Methods (GET,POST etc).

b) Same paths.

c) Same Headers.

d) Same Semantics.

Chrome developer tools

7) What is different in HTTP 2 then?

a) Multiple files can be sent simultaneously over a single connection.

b) You can configure your server to use HTTP 2 Server push so that you can send the required files based on the requested file.

For example: If you have requested index.html then What happens in HTTP/1.1 and HTTP/2?



Start using HTTP 2 now and speed up your load time 2.29x faster!.

Angular 6 Features

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