“Placement management software” is a web application. For the placement and training department in the college. This application helps to manage the student information with regards to the placements.

The web application can be accessed throughout the organization with proper login provided. The “placement management software” or system helps the students, company to register and communicate all the information in the portal.

The users can easily get access to the portal and also the data can be retrieved easily within no time. In various colleges, training and placement officers have to manage the student’s profile and documents for their placements manually.

The placement officers will collect the information from various companies who want to recruit the students and updates to the students from time to time. And also arranges the profile of students according to various streams. The placement officer will clearly notify the needs and requirements of the company.

The administrator will play an important role in the placement portal because they provide approval of students’ registration and update in the portal. We can create a search engine for the administrator who can search for everything regarding students and the company.

Earlier, It was difficult to communicate the information with the “N” number of students together about the placement drives. So the web application was designed which was easy and efficient to communicate the information to the students in a manual way.




A New Drive contains the student’s information as well as the company information. A new drive can be created by filling out the student’s personal details and academic details, like name, program, stream, batch. The criteria of percentage and backlog will be mentioned by the organization in default. Students who are eligible according to the organization criteria can only attend the drive.

If there is any backlog of the students that also should be mentioned along with their stream name. The Date of drive and the last date of application will be filled by default and it cannot be changed. The job designation can be selected and the description will also be mentioned by the organization.

Once all the details are entered we should verify that all the above-mentioned details are true and accurate. The process would help the company to get all the information about the students.



The students who are participating in the drive should fill their information, like the name of the college, batch, And the general criteria of percentage, backlog, previous year backlog (which will be mentioned by default, to all the students if you need any changes you can change by clicking on Add custom criteria) Should be mentioned.

Programs and stream names contain details like 10th and 12th CGPA and percentages should be specified, the package will be specified by default according to the organization’s ability.

Next, if the student has done any specializations (masters) the name of that should be mentioned. The number of years of bond or agreement the company would like to have with you will be mentioned. The date of the drive, the last date of submission of application and designation, Job descriptions, information about the company will be mentioned by default for all the students.


Drive details contain the information of the date of drive and institution name and it also contains details of the contact person (placement officer details), contact details (phone number and email address), college address.

The page shows the details of the list of students who have applied for the drive along with the date when they have applied. The applied students can attend the interview on the mentioned date. If students clear any of the rounds in the interview and further get shortlisted for the next round their names will be mentioned in the list.

Once if the students clear their final round the final result will be declared on the same page. the students who have cracked the interview will be mentioned. Likewise, the students can keep track of all these details.



Once you clear your final round offer is given in 3 ways :

  • By group
  • By individual
  • By same to all

The groups are made by the recruiter according to their streams and the package will be fixed for each group. The same package will be fixed for all the students in one group with the same stream. To know individual packages proceed to step 2.


Only after completion of first step students are eligible for further steps. Click on the button to send the offer letter according to groups created by their streams and the individual package will be mentioned here.


Only after completion of the first two-step students can further move on to the third step and can add messages. Finally, the offer will be sent to students.

The next page that appears is that review of all the details that you have filled in the above 3steps. This step is like a confirmation of your package details and stream name. Before you click CREATE please check that all your details are accurate and then proceed because once you click create it will be finalized you cannot make any changes further.



The student’s search & view is the details of all students who have applied for the drive. In the search box if we fill the details and click on search the student details will appear.

The list of students who have applied for the drive will be shown with the following details like:

  • Students Roll No,
  • Name,
  • College,
  • Steam,
  • Email id,
  • Phone number,
  • Batch year.

It is a reference which will be helpful to the recruiter.



The calendar is used to make a record of the events that are happening in the future. If we add any events on a particular date along with time in the calendar it will give an alert or a notification on the date of the event within the exact time.



Feedback is an important thing to any of them in order to improve or change themselves. Feedback helps to bring out a better version of them.

In the portal, there will be questions and students have to answer the questions and give feedback. The students can also add their comments in the feedback section and submit.



The professional profile is important to everyone in order to convey all the detailed information. It is a snapshot of skills, accomplishment, knowledge, etc.

Employee profile will be created with

  • company logo,
  • name of the employee,
  • Designation (job description),
  • Sex,
  • personal Email of the employee,
  • Phone number, Company name,
  • Company address.

All these details will be specified in their profile.



Recruiter history contains the following information like Company name, contact person, designation, phone number, email. All this information will be recorded in the recruiter’s history which will help to maintain records and also to get information easily.


Personal Details:


A profile is important to everyone in order to convey all the detailed information. It is a snapshot of skills, accomplishment, knowledge, etc.

The personal details of the student like:

  • Name,
  • College name,
  • Roll no of the student,
  • Program, Stream,
  • Enrollment year,
  • Backlog,
  • Current year percentage,
  • Personal Email address,
  • Phone number,
  • Sex,
  • Date of birth,
  • Nationality,
  • Current address,
  • Permanent address.

All these personal details will help the company to know about the student.

Educational Details:

Education details contain all the detailed information of the student’s education like 10th, 12th, degree, masters, specializations, institutions names, pass out years, board or university, percentage, backlogs should be mentioned. Which would be useful to the company for their confirmation.


A resume is a formal document that furnishes a student’s educational details, career details, background, unique skills, etc.  which helps to attract the interviewer by adding your extra skills known to them. In the portal resume can be in PDF form or DOCUMENT form.



  • Pending.
  • Applied.


Pending drives will help us to know about the drive or the company which we have not applied yet. It gives the notification that the students can view the company details and apply for the job.

Applied drive will help us to know about the drive which we have already applied and further details and information will be shared by the company.


If you apply for the drive it gives complete information of job description like:

  • Job designation,
  • Package,
  • Location of the job,
  • Drive date,
  • Last date for applying,
  • Programs,
  • For which stream students are recruiting,
  • Criteria of percentage and backlog,
  • Job description in details.

Which will help students to know more about the company and can apply for the job.


Once students successfully apply for the interview they will further call for the online interview. Once the students are finished with their 1st round interview if they are qualified for 2nd round the company will be intimidating for the further round. If they are rejected that also will be intimated.


Students who get selected can share their personal experience in the portal which would help other students who are interested in that job can have better clarity of the company and would help them to make further decisions.



The login is a set of credentials used to verify a user. In the login page, we have the user’s name and password where the user can log in to the system for further utilization.

Post drive:

Post drive is a drive which is on campus currently but most of them prefer not to attend the interview for such companies because of some specific reason. This drive contains information like Name, Company, Contact number, Company name, Batch, Program, Stream, job location,  no of years of bond. All this information should be filled.

Login can be done by 4 people they are:

  • Recruiter
  • Placement director
  • Institution admin
  • Students

Recruiter is the person who takes the responsibility of recruiting the students by conducting an interview according to the requirements of their organization.

The placement director is the person who builds a connection between the students and the company authority people. And collects all the information regarding students who are interested in drive and makes sure that the drive is conducted smoothly.

The administrator will play an important role in the placement portal because they provide approval of students’ registration and update in the portal. We create a search engine for the administrator who can search for everything regarding students and the company.

Students are the main part of the driver who gets to know about the drive and participate in the interview in order to get placed in a better company for a bright career.


A notice can be created by TRAINING AND PLACEMENT DEPARTMENT (TPO) who helps the students to get a notification of placements happening and also companies that are upcoming to conduct a drive. A notice can be kept private for particular persons like TPO only, students only, both TPO and students.



TPO is created to build a training and placement department in the college which would benefit students for their career as well as a college for their reputation. TPO contains colleges, TPO names, phone number, email id. By filling all the details the college name will be added in the portal.


Add program name and stream name and click on save so that the list of programs and streams name that you typed will be saved and appears down. You can add only one program name with multiple streams names at a time.


The placement analytics helps the placement officer to analyze the placements conducted in the college and analyze the achievements and the drawback.

Analytics can be done by:

  • Year-wise company visit
  • Year-wise placements
  • Top packages companies
  • Top recruiter