The trend has changed and all users want to run through a single page application instead of multiple pages with a complex workflow. Everyone loves it! On the other side, it is not easy for a developer to build an application using any language. AngularJS is recommended, makes life easier.


Single page application is termed as ‘SPA’ these days, where all the code and content you need to run in an application is delivered either when the page is opened or user dynamically interacts with the page. Single page application is a complex thought, but easier in JavaScript world.

Single page web application is very intuitive and easy to use. In this kind of application, it used to load once and then only particular part if app keeps on changing without reinvigorating whole page which also saves network usage since it never loads external files again such as images or CSS files.

Building a single page application, there are lot of activities are hidden including juggling CSS, dynamic HTML, and self-assembling JSON call backs. All the code for the site is retrieved up-front or dynamically loaded as necessary to create an experience that feels more like a desktop application than a traditional, multi-page website. CronJ helps in building such applications and we are one of the best companies having experience in working on the same platform across the globe.

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  1. Hi James,

    We can build a MVP(Minimum Viable Product) within 20-30 days. As you know, the timeline depends upon the features of application that you are looking for. Can we have a quick discussion and see how we can assist you? Please reach us at

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