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Some people think going cheap in order to save money is the best way to do things. If they want a job done, they will either attempt to do it themselves or if it exceeds the capabilities of their own skill set, they will select the cheapest quote to get the job done, regardless of any other factors. To them, the lowest cost is the most important factor when it comes to getting the completed.

There is a misnomer here, however.  A low up-front cost is often a very poor guide as to how much a job will cost.  Experts may initially cost a bit more than amateurs, but you can generally be assured that you will end up with the best possible results and that you will need minimal resources spent on modifications and add-ons to meet your needs.

Quite often, paying a web expert to create the solution to your problem ends up the cheapest option. People who under quote the market rate often do not have the necessary skills, talent or speed to match real experts in the field. The only way they can get work is by undercutting the quality workers. They are effectively using you as their test subjects as they learn enough to be able to increase their own rates to match the true experts.

So, Why Hire a Web Expert?

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To be considered an expert, you need to have relevant qualifications and sufficient experience in performing the necessary tasks to prove that you know what you are doing. You should be able to perform faster and more efficiently than amateurs and others who charge less. Your hourly rate will be higher than the amateur competitors (in some cases, cowboys) but you will take less time to do the tasks required. Often the overall job will actually end up cheaper as a result of this.

Experts have built up a complete set of knowledge and skills as a result of their experiences. They know the fishhooks to avoid and the traps that new players fall into. They have no need to experiment, change their mind, or spend time going a different track. Projects undertaken by experts will not be delayed because of on-the-job trial and error learning. Even tasks delegated to less experienced team members will be overseen by experienced staff, with any necessary corrections quickly made, at no expense to the client.

Web Experts plan the job.

They will have worked out a work schedule and possibly a critical path analysis and they will know from the outset the steps that have to be done. There will be no sneaky internet searches checking up on the basics of how to do the job that you have been paying them to do. They won’t have to come back to you wanting to charge for extra hours because they got their quote wrong.

Many firms have a need for a better solution to their IT problems. Often, the reality is that they know they need a solution, but they don’t actually know what the problem itself is, so they can’t easily find that solution. It often takes an expert to diagnose what the problem is, at which point they can come up with an innovative, cost-effective, customized solution. A firm trying to solve their problem cheaply is far more likely to get an easy-to-produce, off-the-shelf solution – which doesn’t work for the customer because it doesn’t actually fix the original problem.

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A common alternative is for people to try and do everything themselves – that way they don’t have to pay at all for someone to fix their problem. But what is the opportunity cost of doing this? What could the (non-)web developer try to work their way through unfamiliar code be doing far more productively? Are there other important tasks being avoided? Or have you paid to employ someone else to cover your (non) – web developer’s work?

Tim Ferris, author of the “Four Day Work Week” writes how people need to aim to be as effective as possible. If you are attempting to be Jack of All Trades and Master of None you are definitely not being effective. You should focus on those tasks that make you an expert in your field. Other tasks should be outsourced to experts in those fields.

Larger businesses can sustain having a number of experts in different areas in their staff. They can afford the luxury of carrying out their own development because they still have the resources to do so. Smaller and medium-sized businesses need to focus more on their key tasks and roles.

Do Your Homework. Make sure your Experts are Expert.

You do need to do your homework when it comes to outsourcing tasks for your firm. Determine your requirements – what exactly are you looking for? Have a good look at the website of any firm that claims to be an expert in the field you need help in. Do they sound like they know what they are talking about? Do they appear to understand the terms and words used? Do they come across as professional? What is their marketing like? Do they have legitimate contact details? Do they have a name in their industry? Do they have satisfied clients and are there positive reviews?

If you feel positive enough to contact them, do you feel reassured after they replied that they know what they are talking about and that they understand your particular situation? Do they seem to be coming up with a logical solution to your problem, even if you do not fully understand what that problem is?

Why Using the Skills of Cron-J Makes Sense

Cron-J is a team of global experts in web development. If your business has a need for real-time web solutions they will be able to assist you.

They provide an array of technology, consulting and outsourcing services. In a very short time span, they have successfully delivered high-quality services to a global clientele.

Their solutions cover everything from game development and app development, all the way up to enterprise deployment and integration of an ERP suite of modules.

Suppose you are a small business and you can see how an app could be created to expand the reach of your core services. Would it make sense to try and code the app in-house?

Unless you are a software development firm or a corporate goliath with an extensive IT department, the answer is a resounding no.

Perhaps you should look for a really cheap developer, maybe a teenage whiz kid? Again the answer is no, if you want the app to run how you need it to, and not annoy your customers due to frequent bugs and an inflexible interface.

What you really need is a professional, whose team will ask the perfect questions to know precisely what you want, and build the perfect app reliably and cost-effectively. Cron-J is the expert you need.

We always follow our mission, which is to deliver advanced, optimized IT solutions that are easy to deploy, utilize and integrate into your current business architecture.

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