Webdesign is a general term that loosely defines the art of developing and designing websites. With a basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and WordPress just about anyone can build a website.

A few years ago, it became evident that a customer, buyer or potential lead decided in a matter of seconds if they wanted to stay on your website and learn more about your products and services. If there was no interaction or benefit for them to stay on your website, they would simply move on to the next one regardless of where you ranked on the search engines. This was especially true of mobile users who paid large sums of money to access the Internet through their mobile devices. This revelation meant that designers had to take a more user-centric approach to design and create streamlined, interactive and highly responsive coding.

CronJ web-design-web-developerThey could no longer hide behind sloppy design if they wanted to convert traffic into customers, buyers, users or fans. Essentially, this is the main reason for building a website.

Inbound marketing is here to stay and demands on clean superior responsive design are at the forefront.

In today’s competitive online marketplace if you want to build your website with mobile functionality, speed, user integration, browser compatibility, and superior design, the need for more advanced “back-end” web development is necessary.

While web designers can design visually appealing and highly interactive websites, they cannot always create the complex codes that are necessary to run them.

Together, designers and developers make the back and the front end of the design come together.

CronJ Computer_ApplicationMarketing is only one reason why web development is important to the design, the other is of course functionality.

Enterprise websites similar to Amazon and E-bay are highly customized e-commerce platforms that require a number of modules, scripts, and software in order to function properly. Without proper coding and the use of API (a set of routines, protocols, and tools for building software applications) they would be extremely slow-loading, unresponsive and not very user-friendly.

Web designers are not usually versed in the programming language required for coding, however, they usually consult on design and usability.

Last, but certainly not least when it comes to web development, the most important factor is and probably always will be mobile integration.  With the introduction of AngularJS and NodeJS programming. there has never been a better time for mobile application development. Applications are being created at an exponential rate and website owners are scrambling to create applications that will increase online traffic.

Why is web development important?

  1. Better Marketing
  2. Increase speed and reliability
  3. Better Functionality
  4. Increased Mobility
  5. Increased Traffic

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