Demand Planning

Are you having frequent stockouts? Is your inventory cost soaring up? Are you having difficulty making your demand plan?

CronJ has the solution...

Efficient demand planning aliens business needs with the

  • Sales forecast
  • Historical sales data
  • Feedback from sales and marketing
  • Desired service level
  • Supply and production constraint

CronJ demand planning tool helps demand planners to create a demand forecast that combines the statistical forecast with forecast perspectives and events from sales, marketing,finance teams and operations team.

How does it help you?

Improved service level that increases profitability
Improved service level that increases profitability
Improved forecast accuracy
Improved forecast accuracy and reduced forecast error
Better coordination
Better coordination across verticals to maximize revenue and optimize supply chain cost
Decreases inventory cost
Decreases inventory cost and minimizes obsolescence cost
Boost customer service
Boost customer service

We figure out what forecasting model suits your business. Whether you require Qualitative forecasting methods or the Quantitative methods, We can find out.
We have the customized tools for predicting demand using time series method and Causal method.

We provide a data driven foundation for your sales and operations planning process, predicting market demand and converting that information into a plan that drives more efficient production scheduling, sourcing and inventory management.