Retail Optimization

Retail Industry is the most dynamic platform where every activity is driven by customer preferences.Sustaining in the high competitive market is a challenge.The retail operations and strategy planning should be based on analytics and should be more proactive than reactive.Optimization is a core part of planning and involves activities like best clustering of stores in order to optimize the distribution cost and achieve full truck load,devising the right milk run strategy etc.There are many more facets of Retail Optimization where CronJ can make the life easier like:

CronJ helps in...
Sales Forecasting Tool
Sales Forecasting Tool

Pre season planning and forecast based on past sales and trends.
Competitive analysis of sales and its impact on sales forecast.
Analytical dashboards which makes the forecasting an easy on the go exercise.

Store Planning
Store Planning

Space planning based on customer insights and consumer behaviour.
Space to performance analysis in order to maximize the return on space utilized.
Reduction in space planning time and customized floor plans.
A recommendation engine capable of suggest “where to put what”

Store Clustering
Store Clustering

Clustering engine capable of aggregating the stores so that economies of scale can be achieved in overall supply chain cost .
Clustering algorithm ,based on sales pattern,geographical locations and relative ease of transportation.
Milk run implementation.

Assortment planning

  • SKU wise “Keep or eliminate “ decision based on sales volume analysis and historical data analysis.
  • Assortment mixing decisions based on price performance(e.g-sales and profit ) parameters.
  • Pack/Size vs current assortment efficiency/profitability analysis and the impact of adding new pack/Size into the assortment on the assortment efficiency/profitability.
Assortment Planning