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CronJ is a globally recognized unquestionably cutting-edge custom software development company

CronJ creates innovative applications & software’s for small to large scale enterprises. You can hire software developers from the pool of expertise developers that we have. CronJ is a custom software development company specialized in professional software development, include automation in manufacturing, business software, video software management, vehicle management system, real-time application development, mobile application development and more. We primarily develop application which automates everyday workflow of a company and multiple organizations & makes life easier.

CronJ also provides tailor-made software based on your requirements with a great quality and flexibility that is easy to maintain, modular to facilitate enhancements, secure and easy to deploy.

CronJ IT Technologies considered to be one of the best Custom Software Development Company, provides some outstanding custom Enterprise software development and we have in-depth experience in -

CronJ team builds the right solutions with the right technologies. We are dedicated to custom software development services, working on quality web applications for our numerous clients with the latest technologies & innovative ideas to make every application unique. With our expertise and cutting edge development, our team projects strategies to various business verticals and considered to be one of the finest Custom Software Development Company.

Our professionals has developed custom software development services for numerous industry leaders, Likewise - in Jindal group for unmanned weighbridge system, following up with more domains like – Financial sectors, healthcare, travel and CronJ also provides Video analytics solution for several industries, covering – Government organization, Healthcare industries, Mining sectors, Commercial activities and many more.

CronJ team has the required professionals to develop mobile apps in iOS, android and windows platforms with the best development practices for the best user experience. We have a bunch of expertise with the best experience in software development and we believe in updating ourselves with the cutting edge technology. We are one of the trusted Custom Software Development Company & our custom software development service team are technically outstanding as well as they follow the latest trends in mobile application development.

CronJ’s expertise has developed numerous real time applications; our team is specialized in developing real time applications in a faster and cost-effective method. Our expertise has the experience in developing applications that helps to improve the quality and enhances the efficiency of entire development team.

    CronJ team provides solutions, such as:
  • Real-time Web apps
  • Instant messaging tool
  • Collaboration software application
  • GPS tracking system
  • E-commerce transaction application
  • Real Time Digital Dashboard
  • Videoconferencing Application (face-to-face application tool)

CronJ provides Video analytics solution that helps in the lessening of crime and enhancement of resident safety & other industries has chosen video analytics companies as an approach to trace possible risks. In addition to the security and safety applications, video analytics also plays an essential role for traffic management system that facilitates highway operators, govt. Establishments & many more.

CronJ team provides Automated Weighbridge software, which turns weighbridge to a simple unattended weighbridge, eliminating the need of weighbridge operator. Automated weighbridge system increases the output and reduces the operation cost by providing fast, precise, and completely unmanned solution. CronJ helps you to develop the overall accuracy of the existing infrastructure by providing end to end standalone solution.

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Business consulting is offered to enrich and advance your company's business operations for more growth and productivity. Please use the contact us form to contact regarding business or application consulting for your next project.

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