DevOps Services and Solutions

What is DevOps?

DevOps is an enterprise software development phrase which means a type of agile relationship between Development and IT Operations. The goal of DevOps is to change and improve the relationship by advocating better communication and collaboration between the two departments. DevOps implementers also attempt to better utilize technology—especially automation tools that can leverage an increasingly programmable and dynamic infrastructure from a life cycle perspective.

Dealing with Devops

In today’s teams, reliable development operations insure that developers can do what they do the best : i.e., develop great software. Like agile methodologies are tying business and software development professionals together by introducing a business value-driven view on software development projects. Agile development operations enable software development teams to deliver the smallest increments of their work to their clients fast and reliable.
By integrating proven tools and efficient flow for continuous integration and delivery in our stacks, CronJ provides these capabilities to our clients. We are able to build, test and deploy software across a multitude of cloud environments including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Heroku,, etc. We also have a solid understanding of on-premise cloud environments or help our clients to establish such an environment.

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