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Fintech Development Services

Portfolio management

These tools generate product or investment approvals based on client’s profile, return expectations, investment horizon and other expressed preferences.

Credit risk and fraud detection

It would offer complete security and customer support for electronic payment systems, including systems on mobile devices.

Financial planner

This particular section would bring years of financial planning experience to today’s investors. Starting from educational planning, savings and retirement

Lending Machine

This process would allow individual investors to have instant access to lending opportunities, investment would be done according to pre-set criteria, and receive daily reports on portfolio activity.

CronJ Tools

Personal finance

This division would create an opportunity for individuals to lend money to people. A very different way for the consumers to manage their own finance, this particular section would include various tools for tracking expenses, managing a budget, addressing wrongful credit card charges and enhancing credit card rewards.

Reduce Taxation

It has the most advanced software that can minimize tax liabilities and react to changing economic conditions through scheduled portfolios.

Payment infrastucture & gateways

Such section on the portal would include several payment solutions for e-commerce traders, online payment gateways, direct deposits and payment back-ends for mobile apps. The infrastructure supports all kinds of payment procedures. Online Payment can be done through Credit Cards or multiple payment gateway system to make it globally accepted as Fintech portal.

Online banking & Crowd funding infrastructure

It is the online section to advance the online banking set-up progression. API integration with a bank is one of the suitable examples. It is the latest way for the organization to raise non-value or non-debt financing, through any social cause or by creative projects.

International money transfer

Certain agencies that allow business and individuals to transfer fund abroad easily, cheaply and more conveniently. Example, digital payments, mobile top-off services, and gift cards.

Equity financing

Equity section built by our developers is the innovative way to raise capital in exchange for equity and permits the investors to contribute in the private security market. Secondary market solution and crowdsourcing platform are the finest examples.

Small and medium business tools

This specific division, developed by our experts would include tools for taxes, payroll, invoicing and for accounting as well. Such gears would help small and medium sized business to manage their investment. Example- crowdsourcing plateforms.

Institutional Investing

Institutional investing is one of the important tools that should be developed on the Fintech portal as that particular segment is the modern method for wealth managers, hedge fund managers and also for professional traders to manage their portfolios. It also includes various tools for stock sentiment analysis, alternative investment platforms and algorithmic trading tools.

CronJ Tools

Our Team Delivers The Best Fintech Bussiness Solutions

  • As we are one of the leading companies in application development; our experts are renowned for developing applications aimed at small scale to big enterprises. Here, developers would enhance the efficiency of the Fintech applications with quick & easy implementations.
  • Our team has a quick responsive approach and also the best user experience & the developers are talented enough to contribute outstanding strategies with great innovative ideas.
  • We have great level of understanding of website design and our team has high level performance following which we provide brilliant customer satisfaction.
  • CronJ takes care about the privacy and security of every users starting from their bank account details, credentials, even the personal enquiries are primarily secured with utmost authority. This prevention ensures social and economic safety to the web visitors.
  • Every client requirement is exclusive. Our developers understand the complexity in every level of web development; accordingly our experts do the development as per the required business necessities.
  • Our development team provides website and portal development services for various financial firms that empower businesses to deliver a fully-loaded user friendly experience.