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Welcome to CronJ IT Technologies!! We provide Node.js Development services to numerous clients across the globe and have achieved the milestone of delivering the highest quality solutions in the Web/Mobile Custom Software/Application spheres. You can hire our Node.js developers on hourly, weekly, monthly and project basis. The choice is yours!! We are all geared up to serve you.

Why Node.js Development?

  • Node.js uses the V8 Chrome JavaScript runtime engine developed by Google. The V8 engine is extremely fast. If your application does a lot of reading and writing to the internet or the file system, Node.js is the fastest technology out there to build it.
  • It allows node.js developers to easily create fast and highly scalable network application.
  • Node.js development is essentially efficient for companies looking to get the latest in web/mobile app technology.
  • It enables networking applications to bear an immense workload rather conveniently.
  • It is extremely robust in handling dynamic and large database related applications and with widespread globalization, no application is expected to carry or target a small audience.
  • Node.js excels in real time applications by harnessing the power of WebSockets. WebSockets are open two way communication channels between the clients and the server which makes them perfect for building real time applications like games, chat engines etc.

What sets our Node.js Developers apart!!

Node.js Services we offer:

  • Agile Development Methodology.
  • Collaborative approach with clients.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Flexibility in timings across various time zones.
  • Flexible team of mean stack developers covering a wide array of skill sets.
  • Solid open source expertise across multiple technologies.
  • Fast, professional and cost-effective engagement model.
  • Comprehensive quality assurance testing before new product goes live.
  • Proven track record of successful delivery.
  • Competitive rates for Node.js architects, developers and consultants .

How does CronJ work?

Our Workflow

  • Tell us your developer requirements.
  • We find you the perfect match from our pool of talented and highly skilled Node.js Developers.
  • Work with them risk-free on any technology of your choice.
  • Trouble-free and fluent communication with the team.
  • Superior work since our Node.js developers and designers have a tried and tested track record of brilliance and output.
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