With the ever increasing demand of anti-terrorism and public security worldwide license plate recognition systems are used to fight against criminals. With development of transportation technology and the universality of the vehicles, many problems arises such as security control of restricted areas, parking lots management, traffic monitoring etc. therefore, number plate detection management system has become a popular subject.

CronJ’slicense plate scannerSoftware is an effective and highly recommendable solution to guarantee security of parking lots, which are inclined to to crimes due to secluded and unstaffed corners. In addition to providing high-resolution video monitoring and recording, the automatic license plate recognitionidentifies and recognizes vehicle license plates upon motion. CronJ provides cutting-edge technology with fully integrated automatic number plate recognition system designed for advanced traffic management system.Automatic license plate recognitionsoftware enables computer systems to read spontaneously the registration number (license number) of vehicles from digital pictures.

We develop high quality recognition software for the automatic recognition of vehicle license plates. We offer you the ultimate license plate recognition technology of the highest quality on a competitive price.Automatic license plate recognition involves complex algorithms that help to identify license plates in countless scenarios. Even if a vehicle is traveling at a great speeds and visibility is limited, our developed license plate scannersoftware will identify the plate number with the help of number plate detection. The database will be enormous, our cutting edge License Plate Recognition Software can identify plates that are connected with warrants for major crimes or even several unpaid parking tickets within seconds. The camera will repetitively scan the traffic around the police cruiser in order to trace the potential threats or criminals with warrants out for their arrest.

Automatic license plate recognitionis being used all around the world for surveillance applications. Our developed software is being used to recognize and record license plate numbers and offers advantages in traffic enforcement, security, vehicle access and many more.

Traffic Enforcement

For example, automatic number plate recognition software can be installed at an intersection and record the License Plate of a car that runs during a red light.Based on the image, a citation can be sent to the registered owner of the car. Mishaps due to over speeding of vehicle can also be restricted with the help of license plate scanner.In short, license plate scanneracts as an added advantage for traffic enforcement scenarios and also helpful for number plate detection to ensure safety.

For those who want their entrance entirely secured, our cutting edge automatic number plate recognition software can offer a worthy benefit. Vehicles which are allowed to pass onto premises can be easily recognized with the help of our developed system and thus makes it easy for the security personnel.

Secure Vehicle Access

At Toll Gates

The automatic number plate recognitionsoftware is also useful for vehicle access. On toll roads, our developed system can be used to allow cars to pass through toll gates without preventing. Most importantly our developed number plate detectiondevice records the number plate of the passing vehicle and connects the number with the registered owner. The citation can then be sent by mail. This cutting edge software can also be used in secure, gated locations.

Likewise - When a vehicle recorded in a database approaches a security gate, the license plate scanneridentifies the license plate, and the gate opens automatically. This allows the driver to pass without disruption saving their own valuable time and reduces the possibility of an entrance code being stolen.

License plate software can recognize a potential threat in order to keep the personnel safe.Safety is paramount when officers are on patrol, if an officer is aware of a dangerous person on the road, he or she can take the necessary precautions, such as calling for backup, when engaging that threat.

Recognizing Potential Threats

More Cameras, Less crime

The more cameras are installed, less people will be willing to do the crime. A simple fact that there are additional cameras being used by law enforcement one of the big factor in prevention of crime to the worldwide. When the possibilities for successful crimes are significantly condensed, the inducement to commit a crime is also significantly reduced.

Larger database of license plates will lead to a safer road for personnel and also for average citizens. Our developed software can scan numerous plates simultaneously while the officer navigates through the busy streets.

If any vehicle is tangled in a traffic violation likewise – that particular license plate will be registered in the database as an offender.By continuously scanning traffic or recording license plates during several incidents on the road, officers are assisting eachother and making their jobs easier.

License plate softwareis one of the extensively used intelligent video analytics technology in the field of video surveillance around the world. This technology helps the surveillance to enhance the camera frame in a bid to capture the license plate number of one or more vehicles.

Adding To The Database


If you are trying to decide whether license plate software could be beneficial, why not take a look at the features.

Most of the allotted officers don’t have time to deal with a complex license plate recognition system. Our developed system has the advantage of being extremely easy to use. It has all the cutting edge features like license plate tracker & much really user-friendly and will help for easy and quick license plate recognition.
All license plates detected are stored in a database through license plate detection software so there is always a history of who has arrived. Our developed system identifies all the license plates that have been banned and if identified, a citation would be send to the owner.
CronJ’s developed system allows the officers to check on the license plates and benefit from surveillance services in real time.License plate detectionis also viewable in real time through the control room, having precise information available in real time helps to make an officer’s job much easier.
CronJ provides advanced and enhanced smart searching facility of license plate reader database to record with the real time processing i.e. license number plates are identifiedimmediately (within less than a second). Also, Able to process and read number plates of vehicles moving with speed of even up to 40km/hr.
Our developed system has option to license plate detection according to several categories like “Wanted”, “Stolen”, “Expired”, etc  by certified personnel. On successful identification of the number plate, system our software is able to generate quick notification to alert the control room for such vehicles and notifies with Email & Message to the authorized owner. To make it easier we enable quick snapshots, videos and other data for post occurrence analysis and investigations.