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Owing to our drive and experience as a Mobile app development company, we give you our assurance that you have come to the right place for all your mobile and web development solutions. Evolving business challenges require technological solutions that adapt and scale as your business grows. At CronJ, we specialize in delivering custom application development solutions which can automate your business operations and provide a loftier ROI to your technology investments. We can help modernize your systems to keep pace with the growing business needs and improve overall efficiencies in all the spheres.

Our Services

  • Mobile Application Development.
  • Web Application Development.
  • Custom Application Development.
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Development.
  • E-Commerce platform Development.
  • Marketplace Platform Development.
  • Cloud-based Applications.
  • Software as a Service ( Saas ) Development.
  • Platform as a Service ( Paas ) Development.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM).
  • Content Management System.
  • Learning Management System.
  • Business Intelligence.

Cutting edge Mobile/Web Designing with CronJ:
A Mobile Custom App Development Company

  • Agility: We employ agile development methodology allowing for incremental, rapid cyclic development of web and mobile applications with increased flexibility and faster turnaround time. Using Agile we minimize risks and boost productivity via short development iterations and collaborative approach such that each software release builds on the previous functionality..
  • Understanding: Our software developers and consultants spend ample time in understanding your exact requirements and offering outstanding solutions to your mobile app development needs.
  • Usability: Our UX/UI designers are highly proficient in developing beautiful, fluid and easy-to-use interfaces for web and mobile apps.
  • Adaptability: As a Web based application development company, we create smart websites and applications which are scalable and flexible for any future upgrades.
  • Assurance: We ensure that the mobile application we develop complies with all your stated requirements and quality specifications through our QA and Testing services.

The Delivery Workflow Advantage With CronJ

  • Scoping & Engagement.
  • Strategy & Design.
  • Content Development (Parallel Activity).
  • User Interface Development.
  • Hosting Support.
  • Application Testing.
  • App approval & hosting.
  • Final Delivery.
  • Knowledge transfer & documentation.
  • Annual maintenance (Post final delivery).

Build the Right Solutions with the Right Technologies

  • Technology consulting: Our technical pundits perform a meticulous evaluation of your project needs and subsequently recommend the best available technology stacks to help you pick the most appropriate option for your business..
  • Discovery and planning: We help explicate the project strategy and roadmap, clarify requirements and prepare the needed documentation to warrant that you are fixing the right problems and optimizing the right actions en route to the perfect mobile app of your dreams.
  • Software prototyping: For evaluating the feasibility and practicality of your concept for real-world implementation.
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