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Node.js development at CronJ

NodeJS is an extremely popular open source (server-side) platform that is growing in popularity each and every day. It is currently being employed by a number of top leading brands such as LinkedIn, Yahoo, Twitter and Ebay to power their data intensive and real time network applications.
Built using Chrome's V8 JavaScript, Node.js uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model that makes it lightweight, practical and efficient for building fast and highly scalable network applications. NodeJS is one of the advanced platforms that CronJ's highly skilled team of developers have been using to build and power it's client's applications since it was first introduced back in 2011.

NodeJS is a highly advanced and powerful server-side tool, however, it is important for your brand to understand that. NodeJS is not suitable for every job and your project may require the addition of other tools such as AngularJS, a platform that deals mainly with the client side of web applications. CronJ's developers are highly experienced and well versed in a variety of different programming languages and they will help guide you to decide what is the most practical and cost-effective approach for your project. We use a very transparent and personal approach in dealing with our clients because we want to create a better web development experience for everyone.


Since employing NodeJS Custom Development and Consulting, CronJ has become highly successful at developing web and mobile applications that are:

  • Event driven & heavily I/O bound oriented.
  • Able to handle a large number of concurrent connections with other systems.
  • Based on real-time.
  • Handle huge amounts of information streaming to and from other sources.
  • Produce high amounts of traffic and are highly scalable.
  • Mobile : These include apps that are able to talk to platform API & databases without having to do a lot of data processing or analytics.
  • Build out network applications.
  • Applications that need to talk to the back or server end very often.

Application Development Architecture

One of the most important elements of your node.js application development to get right from the beginning is the architecture or build of it. This includes deciding on things like the platform, hosting and deployment of your application. CronJ will work with your company to evaluate your needs and create a plan of action that includes how to implement databases, file storage and other advanced processes into the build.

API Integration & Development

As a node.js development company, CronJ offers support, hosting and maintenance plans to ensure that your system and application remains robust and up-to-date. We are also available to answer all of your technical questions and will help you move your business forward with all your business needs including developing and marketing.

Clean Coding Evaluation

Our node.js developers are committed to developing and using cleaner coding practices that helps to avoid errors and maintenance issues. When code is done properly, errors are easier to control, identify and rectify. It also provides a more transparent and easy to understand coding system. CronJ can help you with a comprehensive, hands on evaluation of your current coding to ensure that it is production-ready quality and if not advise you on ways to fix it. When it comes to your business network systems, a second opinion can sometimes be the difference between success and failure.

Node.js Frameworks

We have extensive development experience on most popular Node.js frameworks

  • Express JS
  • HappyJS
Node.js Support

Most node.js applications are created for use in scaling large network systems that require having to create multiple instances of API's. API's help to improve the process of interaction across a wide spectrum of software, devices and platforms. Understanding how to employ API's for quick response time is essential to an application’s success. While it is a bit more complex than this, rest assured CronJ's developers are highly skilled in API integration and development and you can be confident that with our recommendations and methods your APIs are going to be fast, accurate and reliable.

Node.js Migration

As a node.js development company, CronJ has expertise in node migration, i.e. converting any any legacy system based on any other platform into node framework making it faster and far more efficient.

CronJ’s Node.js Development Team can be used as a :

  • Node.js Development Outsourcing team
  • OffShore Node.js Product development team
  • Software/application Migration to Node.js platform
  • Node.js Agile Development Team
  • Node.js Opensource Contributor