" Extremely powerful and robust, Node.js has gained enormous popularity in a very short span-thanks to its specifications. It has been enjoying developer’s attention ever since its launch for the very simple reason that node.js is a platform that fills a particular need perfectly ".

CronJ is a certified and globally recognized product development company. Considering the ever growing demand of interactive web designs and applications, we have successfully incorporated Node.js as our mainstream JavaScript technology.

Why Node.js

for Software Application Development?


01  Quick and scalable environment

Node.js application development is the finest framework as it renders the biggest advantage to build scalable network applications swiftly without much stress.


02  API Integration & Development

Node.js lets enterprises seamlessly integrate with the latest progressive web technologies like AngularJS and ReactJS in the front-end with crucial server side rendering features.

03  Non-blocking, event – driven I/O Model

Node.js has surprising features when it comes to developing real-time applications such as chats and gaming apps. It is also suitable for programs that need event-based server, as well as non-blocking driven servers.


04  Fits to the requirement perfectly

Node.js is the present trend. With the top guns like Microsoft and Yahoo switching to node is quite an inspiration for you to choose it.

05  Can be used as proxy server

Node.js can be easily employed as a server-side proxy when it comes to handling a large amount of simultaneous connections in a non- blocking manner and can be used for services, which have different response time.


Why CronJ

for your next Node.js Project?


Cronj, known for the plethora of effective solutions that it has to offer, has successfully emerged as a perfect partner and gained the lead as one of the top node.js service provider.


Technical Competency


We ensure that our developers hold the expertise to provide solution to any conceivable problem.


Quality Assurance


We have taken a lead in offering our development services with zero defects within record time.


Hands on Experience


CronJ team has successfully deployed numerous projects with multifaceted challenges faced by various customers from Europe, US and other countries across the world.


100% Confidentiality Assured


Cronj follows Strict NDA Terms, keeping your valuable data safe & secured.


Cost effective & on-Time Delivery


Following result driven strategies and flexible engagement models, we are committed to deliver development services on time and on budget.


Synchronous Working Hours:


To Bridge the communication gaps, if any, while the development is in process, we work with our customers according to their time zones.