Medvarsity, India's first medical e-learning venture was established in April 2000, to provide complementary medical education using information technology. It is an initiative by Apollo Hospitals Group, leader in healthcare in Asia-Pacific region having the first JCI accredited hospital in India and NIIT Ltd, the global leaders in providing e-learning solutions. The requirement was to implement Gamification concept to encourage the students to join multiple online courses created for them. The workflow of the system is as such a student who joins the course will be given in number of coupons and each coupon of student will be shared with other students. The student who is interested in joining new course can utilize the shared coupon and can avail discount of course fee. The student shared the coupons will receive rewards for sharing coupons. After attaining certain point, student can convert them into rewards. Based on the settings by administrator, reward for selected points will be calculated and informed to administrator and student will finally receive reward from administrator. Reward can be money or some gifts for students like shoes, books and bags etc. CronJ’s approach allows admin to check discounts, number of coupons for each student, setup reward values etc.