Tappsi is an easy to use booking and reservation mobile application that allows users to reserve a taxi directly from the user’s smart phone.

It has a number of added features that we incorporated into the application including:

  • GPS locators which assist users in locating and reserving taxis.
  • GPS locators that help taxis pin point your current location for pick up.
  • Frequently used addresses, destination and locations can be saved automatically.
  • Users can book and schedule taxis and pick ups from a large pool of taxis and taxi companies. This is a valuable resource to have for corporate and event planning.
  • Confirmations can be sent via email, SMS or push notification directly to the users phone.
  • Increased security is assured because users can share the taxis license plate, number and/or pickup location/destination via email, social networks or SMS/iMessage.

The application was developed to be as simple and user friendly as possible and we have accomplished this with two tap functionality.