Hotel Chain
Web development consulting
Have you ever wanted to walk the Incan Trail or hang glide off the side of a volcano in Santorini? Everyone loves to travel... Read More
North Sea Wildlife
Game development
North Sea Wildlife game development project main goal was to create a highly interactive ... Read More
Global Experiments Platform
Web development
GXP is a research based application which encourages users feedback... Read More
Game development
Cron-J is a full service Information Technology services company... Read More
Anti Aging
Game development
Games for the old to never feel old and train their brain. Read More
Event Exchange
Web development consulting
The event exchange is a website for locating events and connecting with event organizers... Read More
Hybrid Apps
Pocketpol, This application was used to engage Millions of Voters during American Predential polls 2012.... Read More
Web development consulting
Gamification of Aderdeen’s product by developing the reward based assessment application..... Read More
Web development consulting
This application enables the client to assess the SAP knowledge of It’s Employee and Candidates..... Read More
Digital Signage - Cross Platform
Our software powers one of the most popular digital signage used in most of the events in London..... Read More