Library for building composable user interfaces

ReactJS helps build user interfaces distinctly by breaking them into components.

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There is no such standard procedure to develop web applications but here, we are suggesting the best
approach to develop them using the underlying features.


ECMAScript 6 is the next generation JavaScript and takes the language to the next level. It has helped developers to utilize Object Oriented Programming by adding support for classes and class extensions. Some of the key concepts and features of ES6 are encapsulation, block level scoping, arrow functions, destructuring, generators, promises, rest parameters and much more.


Babel is used to transform the code which has been developed using ES6 to plain JavaScript.


Redux is a FLUX pattern which gives a unidirectional data flow and acts as a JavaScript container for the data.


Webpack is a module bundler used to clump the modules together much alike the gulp and grunt workflow automation techniques.

Dev server

Webpack dev server is a node.js Express server to serve the bundle.

ReactJS Libraries

Libraries used



To make asynchronous calls inside a react application


To manage session histories inside browser


To have a routing feature inside react application



To monitor state information which helps in debugging application

Karma-mocha with Chai

Karma test runner along with mocha to describe the test. Helps in testing and debugging

ReactJS Brand Companies


Companies we have worked with
  • Mitsubishi Motors
  • Cairn
  • 9XM
  • Usatoday
  • Universiteit

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