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Advanced Traffic Management System

Traffic management is the planning, monitoring and directing or influencing of traffic. It targets to guarantee dependable and safe operation of transport, be it in any environmental goals or at any allocation of infrastructure space like – road space, rail slots, factory units, highways and many more. With the Government focusing on advancement the road set-up, clubbed with high-speed movement of vehicles, for Road Users safety and security it is vital to have a traffic management system in place to monitor countless roadways. The foremost purpose of Advance Traffic Management System is to be responsible for traffic management solutions that facilitate remote concessionaires, highway operators or government establishments to take actions that eventually end-up in improving the safety of road users along with successfully improving the traffic flow, increase transportation system efficiency, increase economic productivity and boost mobility.
Advanced traffic management system, ensuring safe mobility will reduce the number of road fatalities and injuries’, enhancing the overall level of traffic safety and security improves compliance with traffic rules and regulations. Such safety and security is ensured through variable traffic control and other safety systems.

Smooth and uninterrupted traffic flow

Develop road safety

Emergency assistance round the clock

Over the last five years, several places across the globe have seen the deployment of Intelligent Transportation Systems in multiple traffic management tools:

Illegal parking detection

Video Analytics plays a vital role by providing real-time alerts against traffic rule destructions. CronJ team provides exceedingly efficient and strong algorithm that detects illegal parking event even in busy roads with continuous traffic. Any means of transportation parked or stopped in a no parking zone, the camera view would initiate an alarm. We provide advanced video analytics that can wisely differentiate an object by its classification (people or vehicle), and it notifies only for vehicles.

Over-speeding detection

CronJ team provides a traffic management system to resolve the difficult problem of over speeding of vehicles due to bad driving behavior at university campus, Hospital zones, or any private sectors. This device measures a speed of vehicle and notifies to the driver when the speed is near the upper speed limit. Then user should reduce the vehicle speed to that of particular track. It will eventually support to improve bad driving behavior of driver, Traffic management, road safety, violation management. Here, intelligent transport systems play a major role in road traffic management through the active resources and equipment used by traffic control centers to prevent from accidents. They also offer benefits in terms of user information and road operation.A solution would be provided here to monitor cars in all places without allocating any policemen and wasting man force on such issues. Repeated violations would result to increase in penalty amount which will help in reduction of violations by the vehicle user.

Number plate recognition system

Our cutting-edge technology provides fully integrated automatic number plate recognition system designed for traffic management and control applications. Every record in the database contains the following data:

  • The number of the vehicle
  • The date and time of its recognition
  • The image of the vehicle with the plate number visible.

After recognizing a required vehicle's number, the operator is informed with an alarm/notified on the screen. The scope of the System includes Toll Plazas, Highways, small roads, guarded area entry points, parking, etc.

vehicle counting & detection system

The particular system can be placed at an intersection of road to determine volume of traffic, vehicle classification and speed of vehicles. The developed Video-based Traffic Management system finishes its goals to be effective and flexible method to count vehicles. CronJ offers the most appropriate vehicle counting and detection technology depending on the site conditions, traffic behavior, and other environmental factors. As traffic cameras will be monitoring more than just your driving, this particular system can track the number of people in the specified areas as well.

Speed gun integration system

Our developed system would assemble and store a complete chain of video surveillance for both fast-moving vehicles and tailgating violations. The developed system is proficient of enforcing multiple speeds, it can also detect jam and ensures the evidence is always protected. Nothing on the market can even compare to CronJ’s consistency and overall functionality. CronJ team has assimilated the best sophisticated speed gun enforcement tool.

Recognition of vehicle type tool

CronJ IT Technologies deliver entirely assimilated automatic vehicle type recognition system intended for traffic management. Our developed system would read license plates automatically and detect the vehicle type too. Developed system has high accuracy for heterogeneous number plates, when the vehicle is seen over-speeding up to 120 km/hr. The most important feature is our tool would transmit real-time stamp on entry/exit of the vehicle to the database and automated notification for stolen or marked vehicles. Our cutting-edge technology has several characteristics involved with the recognition of multiple vehicles.

Forbidden direction system software

Forbidden direction system software prevents road accidents by detecting vehicles driving in wrong direction. The system will immediately display warnings on electric roadside signs which notifies & simultaneously alert the authorities. The detection system automatically warns drivers in the nearby of the on-coming wrong-way vehicle through the use of the existing notification system.

Integration of Access point

Access gate points can be deployed instantly where work site access and temporary traffic management is required. Whether you’re looking for Security, privacy, traffic control or all of the above, our integration of access point system and Traffic Solutions come with advanced features and advanced technology that manages vehicles swiftly and effortlessly. Integration of access point is much preferred for supervising traffic access and traffic flow on site, barrier gates can be functioned manually using an on/off switch or could be operated automatically with an automated system. Increasing number of vehicles demands to develop more sophisticated traffic management systems. To manage the traffic, CronJ has developed various systems with different types of information about vehicle (count, speed, vehicle type, etc.)