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What Uber For X Means...

two sided market place

Two-sided marketplace (you need a vendor and a customer) and the system acts as a mediator.

Uber On-demand services

Mostly meant for on-demand services (on-the-go).

Uber Mobile App

Deliver as web and mobile App.

Uber Real time access to the system

Real time access to the system, for one to book an appointment on-the-go.

Uber MVP product

Great looking sites with required functionalities in the MVP product.

CronJ helps you to develop a product which more to do with solving the two-sided marketplace logistics (supply-chain).
It's all about Real-time which we are experts in development.

CronJ assists in

  • Developing entire Uber for X application
  • Native iOS and Android apps
  • Cost efficient Hybrid apps
  • Addons for existing application
  • Enhancements/Customisation of application
  • Technical partnership possibility
CronJ Assists
We develop Uber for X product within 2 weeks!

Modules Involved

in the development of Uber for X development

Uber for Admin Interface module

Admin Interface

uber for vendor controller module

Vendor Controller

Uber for user interface module

User Interface

Uber for user schedule module


uber for real time tracking module

Real time tracking

Uber for matching module


Uber for payment integration module

Payment integration

Uber for review system module

Review system