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Uber for Beautician

Our extensive tech solution helps to automate your on-demand beauty app service business. With the emergence of on-demand beauty services, enterprises through app customization serve consumers with ease and as per their convenience.

The customers who need a beautician service registers his/her location and other details. Based, on the location of the customer the developed application initiates the process.

The app for beautician service connects the customer with service providers in and around them.

The beauticians nearby are notified about the necessities & whoever wants to take it up, shows available.

Once registered, users can schedule an appointment for the relevant beauty service. Once the beautician is selected, the customer can review the service. Instead, customers have the option to read the reviews too.

In the developed application, the customer can start communicating to the beautician to give them the information regarding what time service needs to be started & other things. Eventually, users will be notified about their appointment dates, schedule & ETA

Once the job is done, the customer can make the payment either using the mobile wallet or through cards. After the beauty service been availed, users can drop a line as a feedback.