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Uber for Couriers

CronJ provides on-Demand courier application comes on both Android & IOS App with Cutting-edge Dashboard.

Once the user sends a request it will be directed to multiple dispatchers available close their location and once the dispatcher accepts the users request he can swiftly communicate with the user and the communication via application can easily be managed by the admin.

Customer registers his location to send out a courier. Based on the location of the user, the application will initiate the process

The user will have the authority to view the details of the service provider. Once the courier is delivered, the user will have the option to rate or review the service provider.

On the developed application, the user can start communicating with the provider to give them information regarding where the courier needs to be delivered.

Uber courier Services comes with social sharing features where the user can share their dispatch details instantly on social media accounts like Fb, twitter etc

Some courier service app restricts some payment gateways, so we have developed the application in such a way that any payment gateways can be integrated into it.