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Uber for Doctors

When a medical concern comes up, a user usually wants an answer as fast as possible. Instead of turning to Google for advice or scheduling an appointment with your doctor days or even weeks later, CronJ provides doctor-on-demand service for real doctors willing to come to you. When you make a request through on-demand doctor app, a doctor will call you back within 15 minutes to find out more about your symptoms and will arrive within two hours.

Through customized business solutions, users are connected to on-demand doctors and medical experts.

We help your enterprise with efficient analytics that are critical to understanding customer and market trends to develop Uber for doctor clone.

Both admin and user can track the Doctors easily using the tracking code.

Once the user sends a request it will be sent to numerous doctors accessible nearby and once the doctor accepts the users request he can easily communicate with the user and the communication via the app can easily be managed by the admin.