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Uber for Food Delivery

CronJ helps you to start your very own on-demand Uber for Food Delivery app. Given the increasing diversity in On-Demand Uber food delivery clone services, enterprises have found it profitable to invest food delivery software development with app customization.

Based on the location of the foodie, our developed on-demand food delivery application initiates the process. Before that, the user has to register his/her location & other details.

The Uber food app delivery service associates the foodie with a restaurant, that makes it easy to order food.

Once the food is supplied, one has the full authority to review the restaurant. Moreover, the foodie can read the reviews of multiple restaurants.

Once the food is delivered, the customer can make the payment or in prior they pay can be initiated by mobile wallets or cards and accordingly the user rate their service.

CronJ helps you to track delivery people in real time using the smooth real-time map tracking facility. This will definitely keep you off the excessive calls and confusions. We provide multiple features, our team delivers a wide in-house experience to cater the best services.