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Uber for Laundry & Cleaning

CronJ lets you create your On Demand cleaning service in hours. House Cleaning App offers the best feature like that Real-time tracking, Fare Estimator, Fully Automated, Email-SMS Configuration, Report Generation and more features.

Doing your own laundry and going out of your way to get to the dry cleaners' can be a pain sometimes. CronJ helps to simplify these basic household chores for you by developing cutting edge Uber for dry cleaning that brings you, someone, to pick up your laundry and then drop it off back to you when it's done. Just tap your device to request a pickup any day of the week, make your service selections, and place your order, save time by not having to do it yourself.

The customer who wants a cleaning service registers his location and other needed details. Based on the location of the customer, the application initiates the same.

Once the user sends a request it will be sent to multiple maids available near their location and once the maid accepts the users request he can easily communicate with the user and the communication via the app can easily be managed by the admin office.