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Uber for Mechanics

CronJ provides customized mobile app like Uber for Automotive Care/ Mechanics. Our developed cutting edge app will not only help you grow your local business and definitely increase the customer base. On-demand auto repair apps can be revamped for car washing and trucking purposes as well, a user can introduce a variety of interconnected services simultaneously for the ease of your customers.

The customer who needs on-demand mechanic registers his location and other details. Based on the location of the customer, the app initiates the process.

The Uber for mechanics service connects the customer with mechanics in the vicinity so that he/she can find accommodation.

The online mechanics nearby are intimated about the requirement and whosoever wants to take it up shows availability.

Once the reaches, the customer can review the mechanic. Alternatively, customers have options to read reviews of mechanics too!

In the Uber mechanic app, the customer can start communicating with the mechanic to give them information regarding what kinds of tools they need and give them directions.

Once the job is done, the customer can make the payment and rate the service