Automated unmanned Weighbridge
unmanned weighbridge

CronJ is a leading service provider for Unmanned Weighbridge System. We provide a smart solution that turns weighbridge to a simple unattended terminal, eliminating the need of a weighbridge operator. The system is designed to manage & track the critical information created at the time of weighing. The system can be customized with many add-ons like Camera plate recognition, surveillance cameras, traffic barriers, traffic lights, etc.

CronJ’s Developed Software Offers –

  • Fast and economical installation
  • Minimal Maintenance
  • Helps increasing efficiency & productivity
  • Less civil work
  • Fully integratable solution
  • Very compact & robust weighbridge

This innovative weighing application developed by CronJ is suitable for various industries like -






Land Fills

Waste Cycling


Oil & Gas



Sneak Peak to our Application Dashboard

The New Overview Dashboard offers a clear, powerful & unified performance with a fresh new look. Our Dashboard includes-

  • Live Feed of The Events
  • Live Details of The Weighment Cycle
  • Monitor multiple weigh-bridges from a single UI
  • Switch to Manual process or shut down by a single click
  • Capture Weight at any point
  • Live Alerts
Key Advantages

Eliminates the essential for Weighbridge operators

Scratch operating costs with a Fully Automated Vehicle Weighing

The same RFID is used by the driver at the tare weighbridge

Fully integratable solution into your back office systems

Fast throughput for busy weighbridge

CCTV Camera and Photo Capturing indication

Increases efficiency and productivity

Avoid labour force by excluding the need for an operator

Enable unmanned, self-service weighing process

Loading are occurred within the load limit, therefore system helps the driver


Weighbridge Custom Software

For unmanned weighbridge system, the custom software development transforms any ground-level weighbridge into one that can auto-calculate axle group loads as a vehicle enters the weighbridge.

Traffic Lights

Traffic lights, manages and controls the traffic at the weighbridge for safe operation. The automated software guides the driver as the truck passes in the weighbridge.

Automated Identification System

Automate Identification Systems is one of the key features of unmanned weighbridge system that is used individually to identify trucks or people and avoid fraudulent use of an automated weighbridge system. Possibilities include personal radio frequency tags, recognition cameras and weighbridge software, and more.

Barrier Gates & Security

This development is perfect for supervising traffic access and traffic flow on site, barrier gates can be functioned manually using an on/off switch or could be operated automatically with an integrated unmanned weighbridge system.

CCTV Video Surveillance

Cameras for security recognition and digital video recorders (DVRs) for storage and management of videos. CCTV software can monitor the number of vehicles entering the premises and alert security personnel.

Digital Displays

Digital display plays a vital role under unmanned weighbridge system that displays weight reading to the driver with numeric message along with the site destination details.

Automated weighbridge system

Automation system increases the output and reduces the operation costs by providing a fast, precise, and completely unmanned solution.  Automated unmanned weighbridge system & weighbridge software make throughput much faster, prevents inaccuracies due to unstable weighs. This control assimilates sensors, RFID readers, LED information display, traffic signals and boom barriers hence there the system eliminates the need for weighment slips.

Weighbridge management system

CronJ has developed this weighbridge software to provide effectively limitless flexibility for future proof weighbridge management systems. Unmanned weighbridge management system can be used to control security cameras and automatic number plate cameras, providing digital records of each and every vehicle entering and leaving sites.

Weighbridge software

We provide numerous weighbridge data management software for unmanned weighbridge system, customer can use a standard PC at their weighbridge for any purpose. CronJ is entirely hosted Weighbridge software solution that tracks all your data in real time, customer can choose the software & develop in house software for PC.

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