CronJ is a leading provider of advanced Video Analytics solutions with security systems which are smart, sturdy and provide seamless video surveillance for operations optimisation and security applications.

CronJ’s Video Analytics solutions effectively improve surveillance systems by deploying intelligence behind cameras, detecting anomalies involving people, vehicles and objects and generating alerts based on pre-defined conditions and thresholds.

Businesses where safety is paramount, video analytics by CronJ can help to improve the overall safety of the personnel and equipment by providing end to end sharp video surveillance and robust response systems.

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Nowadays, businesses of all kinds need security camera systems to gain deeper insights into "what is happening around them" and focus the attention of the concerned personnel towards the violations instantly. Sophisticated response systems increase situational awareness and eliminate the need for more security personnel. The future of surveillance & security system is delivering "intelligent video analytics" and with the CronJ’s technical capabilities these systems can be developed with ease.

Video Analytics: Advanced security systems

Video Surveillance security Systems are becoming very popular security tool in current times. It is used for the benefit of society as a whole in many ways. Equipment like video cameras, digital video recorders, digital video cameras, and CCTV (closed circuit TV) video cameras are in huge demand for security purposes. Terrorist attacks and other such circumstances can be avoided with the help of Video Surveillance System. This amazing system helps in various other ways and has diverse applications in different establishments. Likewise,

Key Advantages
of Video Analytics

Today live video feeds are not being observed manually; rather, they are being monitored by next-level Video Management Softwares (VMS). VMS backed by Video Analytics algorithms ensue greater accuracy at a nominal cost thereby opening the door for surprising benefits that extend beyond security. Hence, advanced CCTV video analytics provide new uses and benefits from security video that were previously unheard of.

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Faster Response which leads to advanced auto tracking capabilities that allows managing real time incidents and providing event based solution.
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Rich Content Search Capabilities hints to metadata analysis and advanced filters to segment object of interest for rapid search.
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Rich Content Search Capabilities hints to metadata analysis and advanced filters to segment object of interest for rapid search.
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With video analytics, users are now able to slice up video data with reports, charts and graphs, providing an irreplaceable tool for making better business conclusions.
Features of Video Analytics
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Intrusion Detection

Intelligent video analytics and integrated response systems alert security when intrusion is found within the region of interest. Tracking analytics detects people loitering in highly sensitive or restricted areas, near entrance and exit and outer periphery of site at critical time or after work hours. This creates a 27 X 7 surveillance with minimal human intervention.

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Vehicle Monitoring

Video surveillance software can monitor the number of vehicles entering the premises and alert security personnel if vehicle stops in an area for longer than the specified period, violates directions or speed limit, enters restricted areas or no parking zone.

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Loitering and Crowd Detection –

Intelligent video analytics software effectively detects and pinpoints people and vehicles loitering in private/restricted/hazardous areas and analyzes crowd aggregation in a monitored area in case of any potentially suspicious activity.

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Object Dropped and Removed Detection

Video Surveillance system detects objects dropped/left unattended in a monitored location and also detects objects removed from a monitored location and notifies security personnel against potential threats critical and valuable assets, expensive machinery etc.

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Auto Tracking

Tracking analytics software allows for the auto-tracking capability. The video surveillance system will be capable to move the camera to survey the motion within the video outlook. Some video analytics software can similarly zoom in on the target to provide a better view of the intruder.

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Operations Optimisation:

In order to remain competitive manufacturing industries can utilise video analytics based solutions to optimise their repetitive operations. The analytics obtained from the software can be used to refine and optimise existing practices.

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