Video Analytics in Retail


Real-time video analytics replaced human involvement in the term of security concern today’s security equipment comes with extensive capabilities such as mobile alert, night vision, video monitoring, wireless setup, and much more. Earlier retail owners found it as an expensive and futile investment but with the time it turned to the most progenitive investment as the AI retail industry faces a million-dollar loss per year and the reason was petty theft and shoplifting.

To reduce retail shrinkage, pilferage and maximize profit IP intelligent video analytics is an ultimate AI solution, irrespective of the size and merchandise layout of the store every shop needs security and safety software solutions. CronJ technology is the top artificial intelligence company in Bangalore. We ameliorate your business security and taper risk, spending bucks on security guards is an old school technique to upgrade your security method with intelligent video analytics service.

Heat mapping

It is to identify motion in heat zone and cold zone. Heat zone is an area where people stop and spend time on shopping where a cold zone is an area in-store where less motion and time is spent on shopping. Video analytics system succor to measure the amount of motion in a particular area of the store.

Customer service

With the help of AI retail video analytics ai solutions camera we can figure out which is the busiest period of the store throughout the month or year this information helps to keep the staff balanced to meet customer demand in peak duration.


Some employees sell their friends and family an unauthorized product or on the discounted amount or sometimes free from the shop by entering wrong details or fake scan item which can be caught by a smart video camera and the owner can immediately take action.

Queue management

Queue management helps in counting number of people in the queue at the same time, it can calculate the estimated wait time for individual person and also calculate the delay in servicing a particular queue. Which helps to identify issues that help in quicker billing.

Crowd management

Intelligent video analytics helps to analyze crowd behavior, provide crowd count in any specific area, give overcrowding alert against crowd crossing limit, and avoid overcrowded areas in stores and give pleasant shopping experience.

Flash rob theft

Flash rob theft is a new kind of theft mainly getting popular in metro cities a group of young thieves blocks the store steal item and all the while yelling and breaking products and threatening and posing an utmost danger to staff and customers. Through the AI platform, such incidents can be reduced.


Through the installation of intelligent video analytics solutions, the shop owner should not worry about managing each unit separately you just have to fix the different camera at a preferable location you just have to manage your camera from the same network.