Video Analytics in Retail


There are numerous applications for a modern security camera system in retailing. Security video analyticsis used to avoid theft in shops and stores, to provide evidence of robberies and break-ins and to uncover employee fraud or deception.

Shoplifting, organized retail crime and employee theft can all be captured in one go. Our video surveillance system lets you rapidly find suspicious activity from irregular point-of-sale to backdoor theft and match it with corresponding video evidence. CronJ has the most powerful fraud-fighting tools to reduce time spent searching for the ‘right’ video and speed loss prevention investigation efforts.

It doesn’t matter whether it is a small supermarket, an exclusive jewelry store or a complete shopping Centre, CronJ offers intelligent video analytics solutions for every situation.

Some key features:-

Prevents Theft

Video management software prevents from theft, shoplifting and organized retail crime.

Loss Reduction

Reduce loss prevention & enquiry times from hours to minutes.

Improved Customer Service

Our highly cutting edge system improves customer service and store performance

Similarly, a video analytic demonstration – It’s late at night. A shop owner is diverted due to some reason - An alarm been raise, the owner wakes up – The video analytic software has detected an unusual activity in one of the camera fields. The owner caught a person, who was trying to make a narrow escape once the alarm was raised. The owner calls the police and the convict is captured on the scene.