Video Analytics
City Surveillance


Deterring crime and vandalism as well as protecting against terrorism is the catch word which are becoming more and more important for town and community leaders. Protecting and safeguarding citizens is an increasing issue for towns and cities. Many communities round the world are already using intelligent video analytics.

Smart cities are becoming a popular trend around the globe. Safety and security is the main component for smart city real time video analytics AI make cities systematic and smarter. Smart cities with the help of video analytics solutions and video management have become inevitable. To monitor activities to prevent traffic incidents data science plays a major role. Intelligent Video analytics indicates the post-incident, trigger alarm, allowing security authorities and law enforcement to take efficient steps as early as possible and preventive measures.

Machine learning video analytics is becoming an auxiliary and surveillance is possible through IoT ( internet of things), AI (Artificial Intelligence) and data analytics. Data science technology is a broad term and a diverse range. Whether you have to keep an eye on your property from abroad, controlling crowds or to know the traffic flow throughout the journey these all benefits can be achieved by artificial intelligence. CronJ technology is the top video analytics company and we provide advanced video analytics solutions that are capable of fetching city data through our software with the help of our AI service. More than 100 cases are resolved and it helps city cops, fire departments to prevent crime and major incidents.

Some key features

Traffic management

Intelligent video analytics helps to avoid major collisions, accidents or disruption in traffic to ensure a smooth transition. Video analytics systems will be very effective in freeways and highways. If any incident occurs an alert will be triggered to authorities.

Vehicle identification

AI system can easily detect different vehicles, no. plate recognition, can count no. of vehicles, speed of the vehicle, and also detect if any vehicle breaks the law it can easily identify and send a security message to the authorities.

Remote area management

Remote locations are onerous to track through video analytics. It becomes easier to track and if any incident took place video analytics system can trigger an alarm and send an alert via mail or messages.

Crowd Detection

Video analytics machine learning system can help traffic authorities to manage crowd flow and help in avoiding congestion or concentration of traffic.

Duress detection

Duress detection helps in sending a silent alarm to the police and security guard without coming in the knowledge of the hijacker.

Camera tamper detection

If someone tried to block the camera from capturing the moment such as by cutting the power of the camera, vandalize by spray paint, covering the lens through video analytics system camera itself detect any type of tamper and alert you.

Smoke detection

Intelligent video analytics can detect smoke and can alert authority so precaution can be taken as early as possible. With the help of intelligent video analytics fire accidents can be prevented.

Intrusion detection

Intrusion detection has the potential of monitoring malicious activity and also prone to false positives IDS (intrusion detection system) surveil network traffic for dubious activity and raise alerts when such activity is detected.


Loitering is a suspicious presence of a person at an unusual time or place where he is not welcomed and strictly prohibited, which also indicates an imminent threat to the security and safety software solution of a person and property. The video analytics AI system helps to detect such presence and raise alert before such an untoward happens.