Video Analytics
City Surveillance


Deterring crime and vandalism as well as protecting against terrorism is the catch word which are becoming more and more important for town and community leaders. Protecting and safeguarding citizens is an increasing issue for towns and cities. Many communities round the world are already using intelligent video analytics.

CronJ delivers the intelligent video surveillance system which is wide-ranging but are always focused at achieving extensive, tailor-made all-round solutions to meet the best quality security requirements. Besides excellent picture quality and easy operation, we provide flexible system architecture to empower smooth integration to security management systems.

Intelligent video surveillance system is essential for guaranteeing the safety and security of citizens, and preventing crime. By choosing CronJ, we provide camera video surveillance system, city officials can see what is happening across their entire city, from a central control room. Intelligent video surveillance system keeps an eye on everything. Likewise-

Some key features


Protecting Infrastructure

CCTV Video analytics with High Definition cameras can be mounted across the city to protect physical infrastructure - road, rail and waterways network.


Facial Recognition

Our developed surveillance system with cutting edge features helps to analyze video feeds like recognition of face of a suspected terrorist or any person suspected among the whole crowd.


Record Incidents

Our HD CCTV Cameras focus on several activities in & around the city and vehicle flow and keeps a record to multiple incidents.

Similarly, a video analytic demonstration

Camera Zoom

Camera Zoom

A camera zooms in on the crowd.

Observe Crowd

Observe Crowd

An operator at a workstation remotely controls moving and fixed cameras to observe the crowd on monitor screens.

Suspicious Activites

Watch Suspicious Activites

The operator watches for suspicious behavior and vandalism.

Legal Evidence

Legal Evidence

High-quality recordings help the police and can be used as legal evidence, supported by forensic screening.