Video Analytics in Government Organization


A video analytics system is a security solution for government administration will be a great move that should be taken by the government and a majority of people believe that public surveillance will be a good initiative taken by all federal, state, and central government. It is essential to implement a video analytics system to deter crime. The potential value of the public surveillance technology enables law implementation to enhance operations to succor government agencies that dissuade criminal attacks, terrorists, and other threats by assisting operational units to adequately concentrate on suspects and suspicious behavior and to deploy field resources more effectively.

CronJ delivers an Intelligent video system for the respective field of application, from the right camera technology to the high-performance recording systems, and even including intelligent video analysis. CronJ video analytics safety software solutions could legally do what peeping tom could not do.

Crime prevention

Every government building and the public area should come under AI solutions like administrative buildings, parks, courts, railway stations, airports and more, which adds security to overall improvement for safety in public areas and deter criminals from malicious activity. Video analytics systems help to assure safety and security to the general public.

Public security

The prime intent of any country’s government is to guard the safety of its citizens and the nation’s property, be it hooliganism or natural calamity having the precise equipment and resources in a correct place makes all the difference. Our video analytics system live video can also be accessed with an Internet web browser or any mobile device with Internet access. This allows specified law enforcement officers to view video from a remote scene while en route to any location.

Post-event investigation

Video analytics solution tool becomes worthwhile for cops to collect correct evidence in the ongoing investigation process to get to the bottom of crime mystery and resolve the complicated crime case by not blaming any innocent and without any qualm they can catch the actual culprit. Our smart video safety software solutions management can raise alarm before such a crime and accident takes place.

Control over vandalism & robbery

The government should rely heavily on video analytics systems to prevent property theft, fight crime and prevent vandalism. Our Intelligent video analytic systems signify a major contribution, particularly to shielding the perimeters of acute infrastructures. Our developed system is able to identify unauthorized intruders automatically and initiate an alarm immediately and also potential muggers and prowlers will be aware of the thought that they can be caught and won’t attempt any venomous step.

CronJ Technology is the best video analytics solutions company in Bangalore and we are ready to support federal, state and local government agencies with cutting edge technology to help to meet their responsibilities. We provide scalable and seamless integration with powerful video management software for Government safety. We are responsible for the intelligence of security organizations for crime-prevention and work as deterrence to avoid any staggering incident.

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