Video Analytics inHealthcare & Hospitals

Health care

When it comes to the security and safety of hospitals and healthcare management face unique challenges. CronJ serves the intelligent video analytics system technology for healthcare and hospital industries which is a new and effective tool on the basis of safety and security. AI in the pharma industry, it is necessary to balance patient accessibility with patient safety.

With integrated AI solutions from CronJ Technology, we provide Intelligent video analytics a proven application for your unique healthcare requirements. The healthcare industry is superintendent for providing a shielded and tranquil environment to their patients, staff, and visitors and also guard their assets to maintain some stern standards, rules, and regulations.

The nature of the healthcare industry 24/7/365 demands extreme vigilance in terms of safety and security which they can’t neglect. There is no second thought in stating that video strategy can lead to being a risk mitigation plan in hospitals but as the best healthcare AI companies we can stretch the capability of ordinary video analytics software into intelligent video analytics software. As AI vendors we work as a bridge between smart video strategies that help healthcare facilities to meet complex demand.

Likewise- There’s a lot to be cautious with a security system:

Prevent infant abduction

Infant abduction is a consequential issue to prevent such terrific activity our real time video analytics security management can help to keep an eye and monitor the infant ward.

Ensuring a safe environment

By the installation of our video analytics software, you will be capable of ensuring your staff, patient, and visitor a safe environment which helps in regulating the flow of your patient.

Security and safety

Healthcare and Hospital industry having a serious environment with zero tolerance of violence where safety and security are paramount our AI solutions will be cherry on top of your healthcare and hospital security management.

Video monitoring

To maintain an authoritarian environment in hospitals AI solutions play a crucial role. Hospital staff can easily monitor their ward from another building and hospital management can keep eye on staff whether their employees are doing their duties or not.

Monitor drug diversion

Drug diversion is a problem not only in the main pharmacy but also in the other areas of the hospital. One cost is financial loss, another is the safety risk. Likewise. CronJ’s intelligent video analytics can also help hospitals to identify healthcare personnel who divert drugs for personal use.

False claims

Unnecessary invalid claims and false lawsuits against hospitals can drag down their reputation and get into legal troubles. With our video analytics system camera, security management can easily point out false claims.

Video analytics systems have become a trending topic in the healthcare and hospital industry. As healthcare and the hospitality industry is the fastest moving industry but also vulnerable to perilous acts such as vandalism, theft, fake lawsuit, security issue and many more. It is necessary to use cutting edge surveillance & security technology which can notify real-time incidents which ameliorate overall health facilities. CronJ is the top video analytics machine learning company. We provide real time video analytics solutions to the healthcare industry which serve holistic security and protection to the hospital industry of any size and also help their business process to streamline in an efficient and effective manner.