Video Analytics inHealthcare & Hospitals

Health care

Unfortunately, not all supposed 'visitors' come to the hospital to wish their loved ones a quick recovery. The openly accessible and mostly unlocked rooms make it easy for potential thieves to steal clinic and/or patient property, which often cause significant financial losses for the hospital. In most cases detailed images from high-quality surveillance cameras in hallways, at emergency exits, near elevators or in the pay office, lead to a positive identification of the culprit.

In the healthcare industry it is necessary to balance patient accessibility with patient safety. With integrated solutions from CronJ Technology we provide Intelligent video surveillance- a proven application for your unique healthcare requirements. We proudly offer the industry’s most complete selection of video management software to the healthcare facility with the peace of mind that comes with complete protection. With our suite of video management and network-based systems, providing video surveillance from a centralized, or even remote, location is more efficient than ever.

Likewise- There’s a lot to be cautious with a security system:

Help Prevent Infant Abduction-

Some hospitals track infants by giving them a wrist or anklet bracelet with an embedded radio that raises an alarm if the infant is moved outside the unit. By deploying video surveillance cameras in the units and other areas, hospitals can capture the suspected abductor’s image to include with the alert. The staff members can view the image on desktops, smartphones, throughout the hospital.

Help Prevent Theft-

CronJ’s developed Intelligent video surveillance system helps to prevent theft & hoarding of equipment as diverse as wheelchair, medical equipment, televisions, and furniture. CronJ’s video surveillance can automatically send an alert to notify personnel when items are moved outside a prescribed boundary.

Monitor for Drug Diversion-

Drug diversion is a problem not only in the main pharmacy, but also in the other areas of the hospital. One cost is the financial loss, another is the safety risk. Likewise. CronJ’s intelligent video surveillance can also help hospitals to identify healthcare personnel who divert drugs for the personal use.

Increase safety in Public areas-

CronJ’s video surveillance also helps hospital safety and facilitates parking lots and other areas for break-ins and suspicion persons. CronJ’s developed solution can reduce crime and fear of crime for patients and staff.

Defend against false accidents claims-

Unnecessary healthcare cost results from false claims filled by workers or patients reporting falls, needle sticks, and so on. Without a way to refute false claims, hospitals often must pay. By deploying video surveillance cameras in lobbies, hallways, and other areas, hospitals can refer to video evidence to defend against invalid claims.

CronJ team uses the best mixture of intelligent video analytics technology to protect staff and patients, lessen the liability, prevents vandalism, unauthorized access, and kidnapping.