Video Analytics in Manufacturing Industries

manufacturing industry

Factories and other manufacturing facilities can benefit from the security camera system provided by video surveillance. Stealing of raw materials like coal, copper and steel is at an all-time high, and thieves are targeting industrial unit and other storage facilities with higher frequencies. The comprehensive security video analytics cameras can help protect your unit, employees, and materials, by providing real-time alerts if any foreseen activities befall the cameras installed would initiate an alarm immediately. Most importantly, security video analytics system manages to secure large Industrial plant, in order to efficiently protect production facilities and provide improved safety for the on-going site management. If any production halts by any chance, our security video analytics would help to check this problem, going way beyond CCTV and enabling to recover from the difficulties and would improve the manufacturing process. When any unforeseen situations occur, you can swiftly access, review and share the video footage.

Similarly, a video analytic demonstration – It’s late at night. A guard is on duty, as he leans away and takes a power nap accidently. An alarm been raise, the guard wakes up – The video analytic software has detected an unusual activity in one of the camera fields. The guard caught a person, who was slipping behind the car and trying to escape once the alarm was raised. The guard calls the police and the convict is captured on the scene.

Benefits of Video Surveillance in Factories:-

Safety & Security at the work place

Video surveillance cameras can be placed near hazardous machinery to monitor automated processes safely, in case if any worker is seen near any accident prone area or any operator is caught without a jacket adjacent to the furnace – Surveillance systems are installed to protect workers from injury. This has been a popular use for video surveillance cameras for years, and has grown more efficient as technology has been advanced.

Avoid Theft

Video security cameras have been shown to discourage robbery when prominently displayed, and in the event any unit is robbed, a modern video surveillance camera will help you identify the thief and take legal action them.

Monitoring Remotely

A video surveillance camera is included with a security system that enables to transmit video footage over the web; which makes it simple to check on any one of your video cameras anytime. This is undoubtedly beneficial when any individual supervise a sizable factory or several sites.

In today’s manufacturing unit video monitoring systems, safety & security systems are becoming very necessary. In addition to unusual activity detection systems video analytic systems help to reduce commercial risks. The purpose of a video surveillance solution is to make you safe and secure. CronJ team makes people safe & being safe is an ultimate feeling.