Video Analytics in Mining Industries

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CronJ team offers CCTV Video analytics system for Mining industries. Security cameras in mines are never conducted secretly. Anyone entering a mine is made conscious of the surveillance and gives his or her written consent. CronJ uses cutting edge video surveillance technology, smoothly monitors safety regulations at work. It can be swiftly checked, for example, if all employees who work with high-temperature machinery always wear the mandatory garments. Supposedly, if any of the employees are not equipped properly there would be a raise in the alarm.

As very expensive, high-performance machines are used in mines. In the case of an accident such as an explosion, our developed CCTV Video analytics delivers recorded image data allow for a fast and straightforward investigation of the cause of the unusual activities. CCTV Video analytics is extensively used in monitoring the countless processes in the mining industries. Certain areas are risky and involve proper surveillance. Typical applications include furnaces, conveyor belts and grinding machinery. If any process halts by any chance, our video analytic system would help to check the detected problem, going way beyond CCTV and enabling to recover from the difficulties and would improve the resolve the process. When any unforeseen situations occur, one can smoothly access, review and share the video footage.