Video Analytics in Mining Industries

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Global mining industries are all-time high at risk in the term of safety and security. Mining industries production is doubled from 9.6 billion metric tons to 17.2 billion metric ton major sector of mining industries concerned with gold, diamond, coal, and platinum. It's a necessity for mining industries to invest in video analytics ai technology to intercept purloin and intrusion during mining. CronJ designed Video analytics software to keep an eye on active mining sites.

High-resolution cameras help to capture and identify a clear snap of workers and vehicles, monitoring highly risked mining sites is a strenuous task, through our intelligent video analytics system it becomes trouble-free to and can be deftly done by a single person. The infrastructure of mining video should be highly surveilled as hefty vehicles move with large mass amounts of material.

WDR technology

WDR is sensor-based technology that is used in IP cameras through which the camera is able to capture images even under dim light conditions.

Worker indemnity

Mining industries are highly parlous with the installation of intelligent video analytics workers who risked their life feel safe and guarded.

Avert theft and vandalism

The whole intention of installing a video software system is to provide safety and security which prevent such activity like thieving and robbing.

Clear site view

Proper installation of intelligent video analytics gives a clear side view of each corner where the human guards can not be put. It is easily monitored from a mobile screen.

Encapsulate violation of security and safety regulation

If any employee or worker defies the safety rules and regulation the video analytics ai system immediately notify the management.

Deters intruder and prohibited individuals from gaining access

Through video analytics technology, a camera can detect an unfamiliar person and raise alarm if any stranger tries to gain access.

Artificial intelligence is something beyond security. It's a higher return on investment for your equipment and also reduces the burden of employees as all footage will be streamed on-screen through a remote server and will be analyzed by staff which makes them focus on specialized tasks. Intelligent video analytics will make it feasible for mining companies to predict analytics and perform automatic analysis of the captured video.

CronJ Technology is the best AI vendors. We serve video analytic security camera solutions to the mining industry. Both underground mining and surface mining operations can be managed at the same time. The mining industry can depend on real time video analytics systems as there are a plethora of security possibilities that can be mitigated.